One of five

Ally is a typical high schooler who was having a normal life so far. Until her dad meets the manager of one direction. Her life is about to change. Hugely. When she falls in love for 1 of the boys.


8. Breaking the rules

Harry's POV:
It had been a week since it happened. I had convinced her that she was the only girl I loved and I wouldn't choose a random girl off the street. I got that taken away from me but luckily I was smart enough to write my number down on her hand while she was out. She probably couldn't text me because of her dad. But how could I know that I had been extremely busy over the last couple of days and couldn't even charge my phone. The boys and I had barely and down time lately because of all the singing. One night we were literally up all night because of the singing and the work. But the one time I got to check my texts was right before the world tour and sure enough I got lots of texts from Ally. She seemed extremely worried. I texted her back and she said 'Harry thank god. I was so worried!' I told her see u at the airport. And soon enough we were there. I saw Ally and smiled to get her attention but she didn't even look at me. I remembered her text. 'My dad said to never look at you touch you or sit next to you. She seemed to have obeyed his orders. I knew where she was going to sit. She had to. Next to Liam. When the flight took off her dad and mom fell asleep. Then I looked at Ally and this time she looked and smiled. I motioned her to come here but she shook her head. I gave her a look like, come on, then she came to sit next to me and she laid on my chest and we both fell asleep. Her dad would kill us when we woke up. But I wanted her right here before he did. We might even get lucky and start her a new life away from her parents. The plan I have is that we should run away from her parents.
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