A teenager who finds out her DNA has altered and has gained the ability of rapid cellular regeneration(super fast healing making her invincible). She then finds out a horrible thought, her own father had been kidnapping people like her. Will she betray her father to save her kind?


3. Chapter 2

When Claire returned home, she hid the tape that her and Daniel made, she figured,if she hid them, no one would find out her secret, she hid them in her make up bag. and put that in the highest shelf in her wardrobe and tucked it  far into the back, this would mean that no one would find it, even her father, her mother new of her amazing ability but her father was always away on business so they never had time to talk about anything. But when he next returned home, she was determined to tell him of her gifts, so she could feel like she didn't have to lie to his face.

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