Alone in the world as a simple nightrider
Alone is the pact you agree too, the pact you live by and follow for lifetime. Break the pact, you die. Expose yourself all you know will die.
What am i?


1. ~Alone in the church hollows~

"Alone alone alone, forever alone in the darkness of night. We live to fight and serve the night, in the light of day we drift away and hide in the tombs of the church." Sky resisted  the echo of the church walls releasing a hollow tone to his voice. Ringing in every corner of the day lit room.

"Would you shut up?" Donna gave him the stare of death, threatening him with her gaze he smiled kindly and laughed.

"Patience just isn't your thing Donna. You know we have no choice to this. I simply choose to accept and take this for the better." He smiles halfheartedly  though everyone knew this was the life nobody wanted. The life everyone hated, including Sky.

"Donna, stop whining all day long. You know as soon as it's night your all for it." Avril said leaning up against the bench with a sigh. Fiddling with her boots that were way to big for her feet. Donna stuck her tongue out at Donna, making a scene, Donna got up and stormed down the crypts.

"Well miss madonna over there at least gives us a good laugh." Sky chuckled to himself making as usual the other chuckle along. Leon sitting on the floor up against a bench whipped his long brown hair back revealing his scar over the eye. 

"So what's for dinner anyways? We going veg-E or eat like kings?" Leon asked getting up to play with his sword. Made from thefirey pits of the nightriders headquarters, Leons sword glistened with blue fire when he touched the handle. Swinging it in a fast motion between his fingers, it twirled around his hands without being close to cutting himself. He smiled at his triumph and kept playing, while waiting for Sky to answer his question.

Sky looked at Avril kindly again. "What do you feel like? I say we eat like kings for the fight last night!" He suggested flexing his arms for a laugh.

Avril laughed and thought to herself, weather to side with him and make everyone happy or to be mean and say veg-E. "Let's eat like kings, been a while since i have had good meat. Which institute then? Seems like the Governor is getting more greedy by the minute. Considering these are his criminals." Avril thought loudly looking over at Leon who was considered the wise. 

"Well we do have our right to the meat when we want. He just chooses our dinner. He is obsessed with power. But i don't know if he has plans on cutting the deal or not." Leon answered simply trying to throw his sword to catch it again. 

"He can't simply cut the deal, he knows our leaders will come after him if he does. Though it doesn't mean he plays fair." Sky interjected getting up to look at the sunset through the windows. 

"We could always get the Governor to change his mind you know?" Donna said standing in the far corner, leaning against the wall in an 'i don't care' position, she shrugged simply. 

"Let's not make things too drastic then they already are. Let's leave him alone until we get informed by our leaders to take farther actions." Avril said lying down to stare at the church arches. 

Donna rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yes of course." 

Sky laughed dark now turning his head as his eyes turning white with the nights power. "Sunsets down guys." 

All eyes in the room turned white with the night and laughing filled the room with a dark power. Each one getting their weapons out holding them in their hands, they walked in a routine formation to the church doors. Waiting for the final blanket of darkness to fall over the land.

Until they walked out, hungry and violent.

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