This is a competition entry for the house information one. I want the t-shirt really badly and would appreciate if everyone could tell me what you think of this poem.
This story is inspired by the statue which stands outside my window since I live in a flat. Everything I mention is true since I had a spooky moment when I was a teenager with it. Many thanks, Takuya Honda.


1. The Statue

Sitting on the ffront porch I kicked at the brick,
that nested itself on the walls of this ditch.
Red broken pieces splayed the brown, dirt stone,
as the air in this area was humid and hollow.
My parents exclaimed it has a statue,
little did I know it stood right in view.
Just at the gate it stood facing forward,
watching its back felt comforting but horrid.
It was a man standing formless and abrupt,
featureless details due to age and stone cut.
It happened one night after a good meal,
this place was getting better I felt for minutes till.
Lying on my bed I felt shifty and bad,
like someone was watching me as I twisted up mad.
Why was this place creeping me out,
it annoyed me to think that I wasn't grown up.
I passed for the short kid, the unsociable,
no friends only books accompanied me at school.
I felt like some air so I opened the window,
the creaking of metal as it moved and hinged inward.
I stopped in mid motion as I looked at the front,
the statue was missing not there but now gone.
I bolted right around as I heard something move,
only to find that I was all alone and now strewn.
I then felt some warm air gently wrap itself,
around my sweaty head breathing in a strong smell.
I gagged and stammered as I looked around again,
window closed, curtains shut as this stunned me once again.
I slowly opened the curtains once more,
and there was the statue, facing forward once more.
I ran upstairs and climbed into bed,
with my mum and dad sleeping I finally could rest my head.
I asked my dad about the statue at the front,
he said he was once a soldier but died fighting on.
I exclaimed did it happen to involve a window,
he excalimed yes it did since he died from plummeting down.
Supposedly he fell from getting hit by a shot,
that sucked him below and caught him in shock.
He ended up dying in the front of my house,
now all that was left was the statue standing proud.
I now have moved houses but ill never forget,
the encounter I had with the ghost at nights end.


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