Found You

Found You is a story of young love. It's also about Best Friends finding each other
And that's what Layla does when she sees Liam for the first time since her family moved away to New York and when Liam and the boys go on a tour to New York Liam is in for a shock of his life. It's a Liam Payne Fanfiction


2. Hurting me

" hello and welcome to The New York Theartre
I am Layla and I will be assisting u in the show" gasp I would know him from anywhere
" Liam!!!!" I screamed as I ran over and gave him a huge hug. He looked stunned
He looked as if some psyco stranger had just jumped on him. It just clicked he didn't fucking
Remember me. I was so hurt considering I was his best friend back in high school but then
he went to audition for the X Factor and we lost touch and never spoke again. I was completely in love with him even though we haven't seen each other in like forever so I was quite suprised to see him but I was soo fucking hurt by his reaction that I bursted out in tears and ran off.

Liam's POV:

I didn't understand what was happening for this worker from the place was welcoming us and then she hugged me .... And then she ran off in tears like did I miss something , she looked familiar. "Liam isn't that the girl you said u were best friends with an u loved her and you still love her??" Harry said out loud , well loud enough for everyone in the whole fucking building to here.
" SHIT!!!"

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