3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


12. Ultrasound

Emily's POV
"Liam!" I threw his jeans at him, "Put your pants on and let's go."
He laughed at my pushiness before standing off of the couch and pulling his jeans on.
"I thought you were excited?" I groaned as I grabbed my bag and opened the front door.
"I am," he smiled, stepping into the door way next to me and turning me to face him, "I'm about to see my baby."
His face was lit up as he leaned down and kissed me softly.

Harry's POV
"I've been back for a week and we are already Emily's and Liam's slaves," I groaned as Jorgie got back into the car.
I pulled out of the gas station and headed to their house.
"Why is it that you always find something to complain about?" She laughed, brushing her hand through the back of my hair.
My phone buzzed from the cup holder in between our seats and I went to pick it up but Jorgie beat me to it.
"Don't text and drive," she laughed and unlocked my phone.
"I'm gonna have to change my code so you can't do that," I laughed back at her.

Jorgie's POV
From: Louis :)
Have you got everything ready for Friday?

"Friday? What are you doing Friday Harry?" I smirked at him.
"This is why you shouldn't read my text," he laughed again, "Just a bit of a bachelor party."
"Involving strippers, I bet?"
He smiled at me and told me what to reply to Louis.

"Lovebirds, Hurry up!!" I screamed out the car window at the people standing in the doorway. They both glared at me before Liam locked the house door and they both made their way to the car.
"One of you need to get their licence," Harry laughed as they got into the backseat of his Rangerover.
"Liam?" I turned to him and he smiled.
"I will, I promise."
"No he won't," Harry shook his head, "He's been saying that for years."
I turned to see the massive grin on Liam's face.
"I will get mine," Emily said as she patted Liam's arm, "I got my Australian one so how hard can it be?"

Liam's POV
We left Harry and Jorgie to go shopping whilst we went into the doctors office. There was no line at all waiting. We got called and headed in.

"Mr and Mrs Payne?" The doctor smiled obliviously, "Here for an ultrasound, yes?"
I was smiling at his way of addressing us when Emily laughed and tapped my arm softly.
"Yeah," she nodded.

I didn't take much time for the doctor to have a very clear image on the screen. I watched in amazement.
"There we go. Two perfectly healthy babies," he smiled.
My eyes bugged and Emily's face lit up.
"Two?" She asked.
"Yes," the doctor nodded, "There is the head of the first and, that there, is the feet of baby two. You are having twins."
If I hadn't have been in a doctors office I would have started dancing from excitement.
"Would you like to know the sex?"
"No!" Emily and I both said it at the same time. I laughed and let her fix herself while the doctor printed ultrasound pictures.

Jorgie's POV
Emily and Liam almost leaped into the booth we were sitting in. They were bouncing as they showed us the slightly clear image of the blob baby. There was two little labels, 'Baby 1' and 'Baby 2'. I looked up and smiled.
"You know it," Liam laughed and pecked Emily's lips.
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