3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


20. Trying

I woke to the sound of beeping and a familiar voice before I fell back asleep.

The next time I woke it was quiet. The lights were off but I could make out the objects around me. I was shocked when I noticed whose hand was holding mine. Harry had his face next to my leg as he softly snored. He wasn't supposed to be here. I could feel the sting in my stomach as I sat up but I ignored it. I saw a flash of lightning through the open window and flinched. Harry jolted and I patted his hair, the familiar feel calming me.
"Jorgie," he mumbled, lifting his sleep ridden face to look at me.
"You shouldn't be here," I groaned, leaning my head back.
"You have to much pride," he laughed but I flinched at the words that Eleanor had said in the living room.
"I don't want to be in hospital," I frowned.
"You won't be much longer," he rubbed my leg and I flinched again, not meaning to.
"Sorry," Harry mumbled, although I don't think he understood my flinch.
"It's not your fault," I mumbled anyway.

The next morning, I let Harry place his hand on my back as he led me out of the hospital. They had released me but told Harry that he was not to leave my side. I frowned and against that because Harry had fans to perform for.
"I'm staying until you can fly," he said, "And then you are coming with me."
I smiled at his desire to make sure I was okay first.
"Where is Eleanor?" She had slipped my mind. I stopped in my tracks until Harry answered me.
"Her and Louis are at ours. Can we keep moving before the paparazzi come? They have been looking for us for the past three days."
My feet seemed stuck, standing in the puddle as Harry struggled to keep the umbrella above our heads and comfort me at the same time.
"When we get home, I'll cook you butter chicken, okay? And we can talk then."
I nodded, half smiling at how he knew that would get me moving.

The car ride back to the apartment was quiet, Harry glancing at me every two seconds.

"Eleanor," I smiled as she hugged me tightly, wincing at the sting from my stomach. She pulled me to sit on the couch with her, asking Louis if he could make us tea. Harry followed him.
"I want to shower. I feel dirty," I mumbled, a tear falling down my cheek.
She hugged me again, sharing a tear in her own eye and nodded.

"Jorgie was the same," I heard Harry's voice from the kitchen as I made my way to the bedroom, "She didn't talk to me and keeps freaking out. I don't blame her."
"Haz, don't you be upset. This is more my fault then anyone's," I could hear the sadness in Louis' voice.
It wasn't either of their faults. It was mine. The teas started again and I quickly moved to the bathroom, not bothering to look at myself in the mirror before undressing and hoping into the shower. I feared what I would have seen. It was dominate on not just my face. Bruises marked my upper body, just as they marked my lower body. I scrubbed at my body with the soap, trying to make the marks disappear. I couldn't stop the tears. The fear of what had happened because of my stupidity was pressing on me. I slid my back down the cold tiles, ignoring the aches in my body and pressing my face into my knees. The vulnerability of my body strengthening as I heard Harry's voice.
"Where's Jorgie?" He seemed shocked but Eleanor answered quickly, "The shower."
I heard his footsteps in the hallway and didn't look up at the click of the door opening.
"Jorgie!" He moved quickly, opening the shower door and pulling my wet body into his arms, "What can I do?" He asked, sitting there in the shower with me, Harry fully clothed.
"They won't go away," I sobbed, "The marks."
He lifted me with ease, wrapping a towel around my body as he left the bathroom, carrying me into our bedroom. He grabbed clothes and put them onto the bed next to me.
"Would you like me to dress you?" He asked, brushing his fingers across my cheek.
I closed my eyes and nodded.
I let him pull a shirt over my head, admiring the fact that he choose long sleeved. Track suit pants and socks. I smiled as he brushed the soles of my feet before putting an old pair of uggboots on my feet. He got a pair of knitted fingerless gloves from the cupboard and put them on my hands. I kept my eyes closed, feeling what he had dressed me in. I felt him lift me and quickly comb through my hair with a brush. He left my hair loose and out to dry but placed a beaning onto my head.

I had forgotten the reason for my tears as I opened my eyes. He had me covered from head to toe and I laughed at his attempt to numb my pain.
"That's a sound I like," he smiled, his head popping out from the wardrobe as he got changed, his wet clothes getting thrown to the floor.

I was placed by Harry back on to the couch with Eleanor, Louis putting a cup of hot tea into my hand and Harry moving to put a Disney movie on for us.

I played with Harry's hair as he sat on the floor in front of me. He was watching the movie that intently that I didn't know if he registered my fingernails tugging through his hair.
"Harry," I whispered and his eyes met mine as he leaned his head backwards, "Can you get me food?"
He nodded and got to his feet making his way to the kitchen. I stood and followed, wanting him to start a talk that I knew was inevitable.
He turned as I pulled myself onto the bench.
"Are you okay?" He asked, unsure of how to start, but understanding why I had followed him.
I nodded.
"Can you talk to me?" He mumbled, his eyes moving to the cupboard, searching for the things he needed, "Please?" He tapped his head on one of the shelves when I didn't answer.
"I.." I opened my mouth to say more but was lost for words. A tear threatened to fall but I swallowed. Relief showed on his face, relief that I was trying.
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