3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


21. Starting Fresh

"I don't want to go back to that house Louis," Eleanor said sharply as we sat at breakfast, "It's too much."
My mind flashed images and I almost groaned at the pain in my chest.
"Are you okay?" It was a question that kept coming out of Harry.
"I'm fine," I pushed his hands away and stood, walking down the hallway and into the bedroom.
Footsteps followed, multiple pairs.
"Jorgie? Are you ready to talk?" Harry's voice sounded as he sat next to me. I turned to see Louis disappear back down the hall.
"It's now or never," I mumbled, "I don't even know where to start. I can't remember how it ended. He tried to rape me Harry and that is something I never thought I would have to deal with again. I'm thankful for my sister. That's twice that she has saved me. It all begins and ends with me but."
"How so?" Harry rubbed circles into my back.
"It was me he was after. I drove him to do this."
"No. No you didn't."
I looked at Harry confused.
"Scott had to have test before he went to prison. The showed signs of a hereditary mental illness. He was crazy anyway. They said that he won't be out any time soon."
Relief must have shown on my face as Harry cracked a smile.
"Can we just leave it at that?" I asked, leaning my head into his shoulder.
"Yeah," he smiled and stood to lead me back into the kitchen.

"Louis," I turned to him as his mouth gaped at the volume I was speaking. I hadn't spoken in more than a whisper to him in two days, "Go get Eleanor's bags. We're going to America."
He laughed and scooped up his keys before running out the door.

Harry helped me fix my suitcase while we waited, he mostly repacked it himself with Eleanor and I sitting on the bed and watching.

"I called the realtor El," Louis said as he came back through the door, "He said he'll be in contact about finding a new house."
Eleanor smiled as she hugged him warmly, "Thank you Louis."

"Wait," I grabbed Harry's arm as we walked through the airport. It was quiet today, merely cause the trip was so spontaneous, "Did you grab my passport?"
He laughed and waved the two little books in his hand.
"Do you stress about everything?" Louis smiled, bumping his hip into mine as he passed me.
"No," I frowned.
I continued walking. It was a relief that there was little press around. My makeup was caked on, concealing the yellowing bruises that still marked my face.
Eleanor looked at me and I laughed at her softly, smiling at the fact that she was smiling back at me.

The plane ride felt short because I slept with my head on Harry's shoulder most of the way, his hands comforting away nightmares.

The opposite airport was crowded, apparently the fact that it was 2am affected no one. I spotted Niall before I saw the others. He hugged me softly, pulling back when I winced. My sister didn't bother pulling back when I flinched as she squeezed me.
"I'm hurting you know," I laughed.
"I visited you in the hospital. You were unconscious. I left when Harry got there," she frowned, walking with me as we left the airport. I didn't know who grabbed my bag but it was Zayn who ended up with it.

"I just want banana ice cream," I laughed as Harry tried to make me eat dinner, "I'm not hungry."
"You look ridiculous right now," he smiled, observing the monkey onesie that I was wearing, "You look adorable."
It was around 4am and I knew that he needed sleep.
"Come here," I pulled him down to the bed, ignoring the food that he had put on the bedside table.
He was asleep in minutes, his head pressed to my leg. I smiled to myself and combed my fingers through his hair.

I gave him about 15 minutes before I replaced my leg with a few pillows and made sure he was still snoring softly before I left the room.
Eleanor was sitting in the hallway and I quickly slid down next to her.
"You okay?" I looked at her, knowing my face was full of concern.
"Just can't sleep. Louis is out cold and I tried to fall asleep but it didn't work," she frowned.
"You wanna go get some food?" I stood.
"No," she laughed, "What are you wearing?"
"I'm a monkey," I laughed, lightening the mood a little more.
"Night," she laughed and stood to go back into her and Louis' room.

"I promise. You can't even see it anymore."
I couldn't help but smile at Harry's attempt to make me feel better.
His fingers moved around my body from where he stood behind me, his hands grazing my stomach as I quickly moved out of his hold.
"You okay?" He stared at me bewildered, his green eyes showing a speckle of sadness at my need to be away from him.
"Yeah," I lied, "Just hungry."
"Come on," he half smiled.

As we walked down the hall, a very scruffy Niall emerged before us. He was showered but I could still tell that he was hungover.

Niall's POV
I looked at my feet when I felt their presence in the hallway behind me, shutting the door to my room quietly.
"Where did you go last night?" Jorgie's voice came.
I smiled over my shoulder at her and Harry, "Nowhere."
"Who is she?" Harry was straight to the point and I saw Jorgie flash an angry look at him.
"Harry!" Her eyes bugged and I laughed.
"Just a girl from some club."
Harry rolled his eyes before continuing his exit to the elevator.
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