3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


4. Punishment

He threw me onto the bed and roughly pulled his own shirt off before climbing on top of me.
"You're lucky I'm not sunburnt anymore," I laughed as he kissed my neck and moved his hands under my body to unclasp my bra.
"Mmh," he moaned into my neck.

I let out a soft moan as he moved his lips lower on my body. He sucked softly above my left breast and precariously nipped my skin, leaving a little red mark. I moved my hands to his belt but he pushed them back.
"I'm not finished with you," he moaned against my stomach again.
"Are you punishing me for making you wait?" I laughed.
He nodded and my stomach twisted with anticipation and need.
I moaned when his mouth moved to my pants and tried to reach down again. He groaned and shook his head laughing and moving off the bed.
"Harry," I groaned, sitting up myself.
"Lay back down," he directed and I obeyed, slamming my head back onto the bed while he searched through a drawer.
"What are you doing?" I asked and got a laugh as an answer.
My eyes bugged when he returned with two sets of pink fluffy handcuffs.
"I told you. I'm punishing you."
He straddled me, his jeans causing friction on my stomach.
His sudden demanding nature was immediately a turn on and I through my head back when he pulled my hands above my head and held them down with one of his own. His mouth was back on my neck and he quickly latched a handcuff to my right wrist and attached the other side to the bed head.

Within minutes both my wrist were above my head and attached to the head of the bed. He made sure I was comfortable still before kissing down my stomach once more.
"Harry," I moaned as he used his teeth to pull down my skirt.
"Say my name again," he moaned in return, through my underwear to the floor.
"Harry," I moaned again, laughing slightly.
His jeans were still scratching against my thighs and he wasn't doing a quick job of removing them.
I threw my head back in ecstasy when he immediately pushed three fingers into me, giving me no time. I bit the pillow next to me to stifle my moan as he begin pushing them in and out of me, his mouth drawing circles to work with his fingers. My legs had moved to his shoulders and I could feel my whole body twitching.
"You're not coming yet babe," he laughed as he pulled out of me.
"Harry," I almost screamed.
He laughed and licked his fingers.
"You don't mind me being this rough, do you?"
He suddenly seemed worried about my feelings.
"It's actually ridiculously hot," I laughed and he pecked my nose before standing above me on the bed and pulling his pants off. His dick flung up and he moaned from the release of pressure.
"Don't stare at me like that," he laughed down at me.
"Like what?"
"Like I'm some sort of unmanly creature that is about to murder you. The puppy dog eyes that say 'What are you?'" He leaned back over me.
"I was actually thinking about how lucky I am. Even when you are trying to punish me, it's just amazing."
He laughed and kissed me, pushing into me at the same time and moving almost immediately, giving me no time to adjust.
"You're clenching babe," he moaned, his hot breathe on my face.
"You could have given me time to adjust," I laughed and groaned at the same time.
"Why? I thought I was punishing you," he half laughed as well.
I let myself relaxed and pushed my hips up to meet his as we moved together. He pressed one hand to the bed, the other was under my back, holding my body against his. I felt his hips twitch before mine as he let go inside of me. It set me off and I let out a loud moan.

"Wow," he laughed, pulling out and rolling next to me.
"Yeah," he looked at me obliviously and I nodded towards the handcuffs holding me to the bed.
"Oh," he laughed again, helping me get them off.
"Best punishment ever, might I add," I laughed as he threw the handcuffs to the floor, "I might make you wait more often."
Harry's eyes widened and he shook his head as he pulled me into his arms and pulled the blanket over us. We both slept like that, comfortably back on our own bed.
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