3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


14. One Down

I watched as Louis carried Eleanor to the car. People were throwing god-knows-what at them.
As Louis looked back out the car window, the bruises and swelling in his cheek was barely visible. Harry actually knew how to do make up.

I felt his arms curl around my waist as people started to help pack up.
"You wanna head off?"
I nodded. It was about 12:30am. Lou and El were both party people so they had kept it up all night long.

Harry practically dragged me threw the doors, my arms draped around his neck as I leaned on his back. We were both tipsy and I laughed as he collapsed on the lounge, me landing on top of him.
"One down," I laughed as he rolled on to his back, lifting me to keep me on top of him.
"Our one to go," he smiled, tangling his large hand in my hair, and pulling my face to his.
"Mmh," I moaned against his lips.

I tugged at his shirt roughly as he lifted me, tipsily, and, almost crashing into a side table, carried me into our bedroom. The bed was already unmade, both sides
"Who did you sleep with in our bed last night, Mr Styles?" I laughed, pulling his shirt off of him.
"Another man, sorry," he joked, pulling an adorable guilty face, "I just really like Liam and didn't want to make him sleep on the lounge."
I laughed at his joke and let him throw me on the bed.

He pulled my dress over my head and went to toss it on the floor. I stopped him making him laugh as I placed it neatly in the cupboard. Harry approached me again from behind an kissed at my collarbone. He spun me and I helped him pull his own boxers off, waisting no time. We were both naked when he pushed me up against the cupboard and lifted my legs, wrapping my body around his. We both moaned as he entered me. I felt the cool cupboard door on my back and it conflicted with the warmth of his body on my front.

He thrusted again as he slowly took me to the bed, our bodies intertwined in every way possible.
"Harry," I have squeaked as my body arced under his.
"Come on babe," he smiled, rubbing his fingers lower to make me climax faster. I almost bit the pillow as I let go. He did right after me too, turned on by my pleasure.

"Harry?" I asked as I drew circles on his stomach.
"Yeah?" He kept his eyes closed, avoiding the morning light coming in through.
"What are we doing today?"
"What's the date?" He seemed bemused at my random question.
"1st of June," I laughed.
"Really?" He opened his eyes in shock.
"Yeah," I laughed again.
"Nothing planned, why?" He closed his eyes again.
"It's my sisters birthday."
"Really? Well, we'll have to go spend the day there," he smiled and I picked up my phone to text her our plans.
"I didn't say that you could stop doing that," Harry frowned suddenly.
I laughed before moving my fingers back to his stomach.
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