3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


24. Niall's one girl

Niall's POV
"I couldn't stay if I wanted to Niall. This is why I said no strings attached."
I watched as she tried to find her clothes.
"It isn't easy to have a "relationship"," she made quotation marks with her fingers at the word, "when you do what I do. I have a flight in an hour, I still have to get my stuff and I can't find my bra."
I pulled it off of the floor with one finger and dangled it in front of me.
She leaped from the end of the bed, grabbing it off of my finger.
I laughed as she straddled me without even thinking and put her bra on without even removing the shirt if mine that she wore. My hands wandered up her thighs and I felt her smile as she noticed what I was doing.
"I really want to stay," she mumbled, her forehead pressing to mine. She went to get up again but I held her firmly.
"You can't leave yet," I breathed, her face inches from mine.
"Why?" She asked, her hands on my neck.
"You haven't got your underwear," I laughed, pulling them from underneath the pillow.
She laughed and hit me softly, reaching for the pink lace that I held in my hand. I leaned back, making her chest hit mine.
"I'm going to be late!" She laughed, finally reaching them.

Jorgie's POV
I had no idea if it was sleep deprivation or I was seeing things. A jet red head ran ridiculously fast down the hallway when I stepped out of the room the next morning, almost crash landing me back into the bedroom.
"Sorry," she blushed, quickly glancing at Niall before rushing for the elevator.
Niall, however, looked rather casual in his boxers, leaning on the doorframe smiling.
"You have got some serious explaining to do," I half-laughed, walking over to him.
"Only cause you caught us," he shook his head.
"Who was she? And don't downgrade her to some other club girl."
"She isn't. It's the same girl," he mumbled, his eyes still on the elevator, "I don't want to tell the boys because it's a very casual thing at the moment. Nothing serious."
"It always leads to that," I laughed.
"I know."
"I wanna know now," I smiled, nudging him.
"Her name's Amy"
"And she is Australian," I added.
"It's like you all have radars for other Australians," he teased.
"Anyway, what does she do?"
"Her job is the reason we can't really be together."
"What does she do Niall?" I was worried now. What if she was like some mafia, criminal person? Or a stripper? Or worse?
"Nothing bad!" He laughed, "Just time consuming. She is a flight attendant."
I let out a deep breathe, "You had me worried."
"She has a flight to England today, and then is headed back to Australia. So I probably won't see her again."
I looked at my toes, lost for some sort of speech to lighten the mood.
"Just don't tell the boys. They've been on my back, but I'd prefer if they didn't find out."
I nodded and started my way back to my rooms door.
"And Jorgie, thanks," he added quickly.
"For what?" I smiled and went back into the room where Harry was just waking up.

"Who was that?" He mumbled, reaching his arms out for me.
"Niall. I'm not getting back in either. Then we will both fall asleep and I'll miss the flight," I swatted at his hands.
"You always figure out my plans before I do!"
I laughed as he rose from the bed.

"I really wish you could stay," Harry mumbled, struggling to carry my bag through the airport.
"I wish I could too," I laughed, and reached my spare hand to help him with the bag.
"Why won't you?" He frowned, his hand overlapping mine on the handle of my suitcase.
"You know why Harry? It's only a month. What's the date today?"
He looked at me funny before answering, "16th of November."
"Literally, a month till the wedding," I laughed, "That went so quick."

"I can't believe they let you fly," I laughed as we walked back through Heathrow airport.
"Liam yelled at them," Emily laughed, trying to help me push our luggage on the trolley.
"I can't even picture that," Eleanor chimed as we got to the car.
I got in to the drivers side and started down the road, not thinking about direction.
"Are we all going to yours tonight, Em?"
She nodded from the passenger side, "If you want."
"Mum's coming next week. Is she staying at yours?" I added, forgetting I had to arrange this stuff.
"Yeah," she laughed, "Can we organise this in the morning? I'm exhausted."
I looked at Eleanor in the rear view mirror, and as if on cue, her eyes were closed, exhaustion clear on her face.

Two weeks later
"Why are you being so active?" My mum laughed at Emily as she marched around my apartment.
"It's either excitement because Liam is coming home in," she glanced at the clock, "six hours. Or I'm about to have these babies. I can't be sure yet."
I laughed and got back to the paper work my mum was helping me with.
"Here's your tea. Now, what else needs to be done before the rest of the family get here?" Eleanor sat next to my mum as I quickly scanned over the checklist I had made.
"My dress is done. El, you had yours fitted. They've made Emily's roughly and Shantelle's too. Perrie's already had hers done when she got back off of your the other day. The cake is already organised. Everything is booked. My family is coming tomorrow. Most of them are getting here early morning. Some tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure Emily is about to have her babies and I'll stop hyperventilating after that."
I laughed softly at myself as I heard my sister's voice from my living room.
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