3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


15. Moving so fast

"No, it doesn't count. You need to have actually done it," Liam laughed as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.
"Liam, you can't ask her that," Harry joined his laughter.
"What about you then Harry?" Emily put him on the spot, making his face drop, "Where was your favourite spot doing it?"
"We tend to like finding beds," he answered sarcastically.
"So, you two have never done it anywhere else?"
I shared a look with Harry and we both laughed.
"We are missing an inside joke," Liam frowned.
The doorbell rung and Liam was on his feet, running into the house to answer it.
Both Harry and I remained in the pool and Emily was sat on the edge, a t-shirt covering her baby belly.
"I can't believe I'm 22," she laughed as Liam returned with Niall and Zayn. Perrie was with them too, along with Jade and Jesy.
"Am I the only one who can't legally drink in the states yet?" I laughed.
"I think so," Niall laughed as he pulled his shirt off and jumped into the pool.

It hit dusk and everyone headed inside to watch a movie. I remained outside, telling them that I would be in in a second. Harry showed a concerned look before following them in.

I made my way to the hill that showed a sight of London that I had never seen. A back, an escape. The landscape was a scatter of houses, homes that had kids playing in the front yards, dogs barking from house to house. I was only vaguely aware as a body sat next to me on the hill. My sisters awkward posture as she sat made me laugh.

"It's beautiful," I mumbled.
"Everything has moved so fast," she smiled at me. Her voice was torn but her face showed her stress for happiness.
"I want to know for sure that you are ready for this," I half smiled at her.
"I wasn't sure at first but Liam is so attentive and he has truly made me fall for him."
I smiled at the clarity in her voice. She was certain, I could tell.
"I'm happy for you," I threw my head back onto the grass, "We've got the life that both of us always dreamed of."
"I haven't got my Volkswagen yet," she laughed sarcastically, "I'm gonna head back in."
She moved slowly as I remained in my laying position. I saw a pair of large hands assist her and smiled at the body that replaced hers.
He laid quietly next to me, intertwining his hand with mine.

"What's up?" He nuzzled his face to my cheek, giving me a small peck.
"I'm just thinking," I smiled back at him.
He rolled onto his stomach next to me and started picking at the flowers in the grass, sticking them neatly into my hair where I had pinned it up. My hair had gone curly from the pool and I smiled as he leaned back to observe his work on it.
"You look like a mystical creature, like a fairy," he laughed, pulling me into his hold.
"I don't know whether to thank you for that," I laughed, snuggling into his hold as the sun set in front of us.

It got dark and we headed inside. Everyone was lounged around. I could tell that none of them were actually watching the movie. They were all in separate conversations. Niall and Liam were talking while Emily talked to Zayn. Jesy and Jade had there phones in front of them but they spoke at the same time and Perrie was fast asleep with her head on Zayn's lap.

"I'm tired," I frowned at Harry.
"You wanna head home?"
I glanced down at the beer in his hand and shook my head. We had both been drinking.
"Just stay," Liam intervened our conversation, "We'll order pizza."
I laughed but nodded, heading upstairs to shower and change.

I found one of my old shirts in my sisters wardrobe, something that I had probably leant her two years ago and never got back. She also had a pair of my pyjama shorts. I shook my head and laughed at her obvious inability to return clothes.

The pizza was there when I returned, the doorbell ringing just as I ran downstairs. I answered and called out for someone to bring me money. It was an unfortunate event when a teen girl was the person to deliver it. She probably would have fainted when Harry walked up behind me if she hadn't been working. She stuttered to tell us the price and I had to choke back my laughter at her nervousness.

I crashed straight after eating, Harry carrying me up to his favourite spare room, the one with the ghastly orange walls.
"I hate this room," I mumbled making him almost trip because he was laughing.
I watched with hooded eyes as he pulled his clothes off and got into the bed in his boxers.
He rubbed his eyes and looked down at me.
"What?" He laughed.
"Nothing," I mumbled, burying my head into his shoulder.
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