3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


18. Life goes on

"Emily, I can come back if you need me. I'm only a couple of hours away," I said it far too loudly into my phone as a truck past me on the left. I hadn't put the top down of Harry's convertible because it was windy.
"Thanks. I'm just freaking out cause what if something happens," she replied.
"It's been two days without Liam and you're already freaking out," I laughed, "You need to relax. Have a bubble bath."
"Okay," she laughed and briefly farewelled me before hanging up.

"Hi Anne," I hugged her as she opened the door.
"Hello darling." She pulled me inside and straight into the kitchen, starting to pull stuff out of the cupboards.
"Where is everyone?" I observed the quietness of the house.
"Robyn's at work. Gemma had to go down to buy some stuff for Patrick. He has grown so much and so fast. I feel so old."
I laughed.
"Next thing you know, you and Harry will be having kids and I'll be even older."
I almost choked on the biscuit I was eating.
"You've got a few years," I laughed.

The front door made me rise to my feet, expecting the voice that echoed through to the kitchen.
"Who's flashy red car is that?"
I laughed as Gemma came into view and pulled me into a hug.
"Do you ever stop laughing?" She smiled.
"Where's Patrick?" I asked as we sat back down.
"I put him in his playpen I'm the living room," I heard a cry from down the hall, "He has been in a mood and I need to teach him that people aren't always going to come just because he is upset. It's hard but the doctor told me it will work."
"Hard?" Anne scoffed, "I've never had to do anything harder. Ignoring my grandsons pain."
Gemma and I both smiled.
"He has learnt words now. He says mumma, nanny and some other words. Mum taught him to say Uncle Harry and Aunty Jorgie but it sounds a lot weirder coming from his mouth."
I laughed.

"What are you doing?" Harry's voice came from my laptop, a mocking note to it.
"I'm trying to find my hairbrush," I laughed as I searched through my bag.
"Well I've got a lovely sight of my old bedroom wall, when I would much prefer to be looking at you."
I sat back in front of the screen, brush in hand. He smiled as I held it up to show him my accomplishment and started brushing through my damp hair.
"Your nephew.."
"Our nephew.." He corrected.
I laughed, "Our nephew said my name today. He says your name too. It's so cute."
"Have you had dinner yet?" He asked, leaning in closer to the laptop.
"It's 10pm," I smiled, "Would you be jealous if I said we had Mexican?"
"Yes!" He laughed.
"What have you been up too?" I asked as I plaited my hair quickly.
He watched before answering me, "I had rehearsals today and more tomorrow before the show tomorrow night. Niall wants to head out now but I'm too tired."
I shook my head and looked down at my phone. I had two text. One from Louis and one from Niall.

From: Louis :)
Please tell Harry to unlock the door!! I can hear your voices!!

I laughed and held my phone up to show Harry. He laughed along and quickly slide off of his bed. I viewed the other text as he did.

From: Nialler!
Your man is getting boring ;) haha sorry to inform you

I laughed as Harry and Louis came into view on my screen.

Harry's POV
I laughed and pushed Louis off of my bed, watching as Jorgie's eyes fluttered, her expression tired.
"You should sleep," I smiled as Louis laid in his stomach next to me. He smiled as I said goodnight and closed the screen.

"Open the door!" Niall yelled, his fist pounding it. I pushed Louis off of the bed once more, making him go and open it.
"I'm so fucking bored," he groaned as he walked in. "Everyone is busy. Or boring. Or both."
I laughed as he threw himself onto Louis' bed.
"We'll come," Louis nodded to me as he said it and looked at me as I frowned but nodded in agreement. I didn't want Niall to think I was boring.
"Where to then?" I laughed, pulling myself up.

Emily's POV
I stopped dead in my tracks on the way into the kitchen. The sun was just rising and I was starving. But I couldn't just pass the figure who had awaited me waking. He didn't even notice my presence until I cleared my throat. He leaped off of the lounge and turned to smile at me. I took in the longer blonde hair and deep blue eyes.
"Hi, sorry," he half laughed, "I didn't mean to just show up but Liam gave me a key."
"Andy?" I looked at him questioningly.
He smiled and patted the seat next to him.
"So, you are what's been keeping Li away from me? He told me you were pregnant but he didn't do you justice with your description."
I smiled back at him.
"Sorry," he apologised again, "Liam told me you were pregnant and asked if I could check up on you every now and then."
I sat down and looked at him, "He asked you to check on me?"
"Yeah," he smiled warmly, "He also told me to keep you company while your sister was away."
"Thanks," I laughed, "I should probably eat."
I went to stand and he jumped up to help me. My belly wasn't that big but it still hurt my back.
"What's it like?" He asked out of the blue.
"What?" I laughed, leading him into the kitchen.
"Carrying two people inside of you?"
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