3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


6. Liam and Emily

Emily's POV
I dropped to my knees on the tiles, double checking to make sure I was right. The tears started to escape my eyes. This was not what I had intended to happen. Liam's footsteps through my flat sent alarm through my body. I leaped up against the bath tub, pressing my back to it and using a towel to muffle my sobs.

"Are you okay?" He asked as he paused at the closed bathroom door.
"Yeah," I had tried to sound confident but failed epically.
"Emily?" He said, opening the door enough to see me, "You are not okay."
He sat by me quickly.
"No," I mumbled, leaning into his shoulder. He was shirtless and his skin was hot on my face.
"What's the matter?"
"You don't wanna know," I half laughed.
"'Course I do," he rubbed my hair back out of my eyes.
I held my hand up shakily to show him.

His eyes bugged as he took the stick out of my hand.
"How?" He asked looking up at me.
I laughed sarcastically, "You see, when a women and a man.."
"Not what I meant," he laughed.
"It would have been in the tent, yeah?"
He nodded, "Aren't you on the pill?"
"No," I shook my head, "Never have been."
"I wore a condom. I don't know what happened."
His head moved into his hands.
"I want to keep it," he suddenly announced, flicking his eyes back to mine, "I want to keep the baby."
"Wow," I smiled, pulling his face down to mine, "I think I do too."

Jorgie's POV
It was 9am when my phone started buzzing next to the bed. It had been about two days since Danielle had left and I had failed to call Liam.

"Hey Jorgie," his voice sounded over the phone.
"Hi Li. How is everything down there?"
"Good. Your sister is coming back with me. We've got some, kinda, big news for you all but I want to tell you face to face. Is everything sorted up there?"
I didn't bother asking about the news, "Yeah, you can come home when ever."
"Thanks," he sounded like he was smiling.

"Harry? You're favourite colour is orange, right?"
"Yeah," he laughed, leaning over the back of the couch and my head to look at my laptop screen. "What are you doing?"
"Nothing," I smiled and closed the lid before he could figure it out.
"What was it?" He leaned in closer to my face.
"I will get it out of you." His hot breathe was on my lips.
"No you won't," I laughed leaning back as he leaned further in.
Harry almost flipped over the back of the lounge and fell on top of me, laughing along with my laughter.
"Thanks," he smiled, pecking me on the lips.

"Hello?" A knock sounded on the front door with a familiar voice behind it.
"Mum," Harry smiled as he pulled the door open.
"Hi," she smiled giving him a half armed hug. In the other arm she had cat toys and I realised that we had almost forgotten someone, a vital member of our family.
I jumped up from my seat and hugged Anne and Gemma as she walked through the door. Patrick was in a stroller with Lolly in his arms. He was giggling as he petted her.
"Look at how big you are," I smiled, lifting Patrick out of the stroller.
Harry smiled at his little crop of blackish curls.
"He has his uncles hair," he laughed.
"You are such a softy," I smiled, handing Patrick to Harry.

It wasn't til 8 that Anne and Gemma left. They had to get back to Cheshire before morning for an appointment for Patrick.
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