3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


17. Last night

Emily's POV
"I didn't actually tell you how much I'm gonna miss you," I mumbled, tugging at Liam's short hair at the nape of his neck.
"I think I know," he smiled, unlocking the house as my arms wrapped around him.
"What happens if they're early?" I suddenly looked at my belly, the bulge protruding being the reminder of why I had wanted to talk to Liam.
"Then I'll be there, no matter where I am in the world," he grinned in a cheesy way.
I laughed as I sat on the lounge, him following lead and pulling my feet onto his lap, removing my shoes and rubbing his hands up my legs softly. This was my reminder of Liam's affection.
"Liam," I started, losing the words to finish.
He looked up at me, a flash of concern on his face, "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I just, never mind," I stuttered over my words.
"I love how you do that," he smiled, "You stutter when you get nervous. I think it is the most amazing thing that I make you that nervous still."
I laid my head back onto the pillow.
"I also love your hair. Have I ever told you that?" He was watching my as I smile crept over my face. "I like how you think it's too short when it's the perfect length. Another thing I love is your inability to do anything domestic. You can't cook, your cupboard is a mess and you only make the bed if someone is coming over. It makes you perfect."
"Keep going," I smiled, revelling what he was saying.
"I love that you are so pushy, even though you are so carefree in yourself. I love the fact that you worry about everything, except being late, because you are always late. I love that you look to your younger sister for advice. I love that you are both so easy to read as you watched me at dinner tonight."
My eyes must have widened cause he laughed.
"Why didn't you talk to me?" Liam's face softened as he stared at me.
"Because," I frowned, "I'm a wimp. I've never really been like, this deep. God, that sounds weird." I threw my head into my hand.
"Don't be insecure," he shook his head, taking my hands in his own, "Now, keep going."
He mimicked my previous words and I smiled.
"I've never really been in a proper relationship so I don't know how to, you know, open up my feelings and what-not. I don't know how to know how you feel about me and I like when you tell me cause if shows me why you really stuck around."
"Well, I promise to always tell you how I feel as long as you open up to me, okay?"
I nodded as he brushed the loose hair out of my face. I let my eyes flutter closed as he kneaded his thumb into the sole of my foot.

Jorgie's POV
"I'm too tired," I groaned playfully, throwing myself onto the lounge room floor. I rolled into my back and stared up at Harry, his grin wide as he stared from his standing position above my head.
I could see that an idea popped into his head as he quickly held a finger out to me, "Stay there."
He ran quickly and came back with his phone, standing in the same position. I heard his phone click as he smiled at the picture he had taken.
"Give me that," I pulled his arms to me, taking the phone from his grip and pushing him up to the same spot and taking my picture. I grabbed his arm again, smiling as he leaned over me. I held the phone out and taking a picture as he kissed my nose. He pulled me into his chest as he leaned back against the couch. I laughed as he tugged the phone back out of my hand.
"I am ridiculously tired now Harry," I groaned again.
He didn't look away from his phone, just pulled a blanket off of the couch behind his head, absently throwing it over me. I was out within the hour.

I woke in our bed the next morning and absently checked my twitter as I waited for Harry to wake.

@Harry_Styles: My sleeping beauty pic.twitter/8Hsb1bab

I stared at the picture he had posted. I was sound, my mouth slightly open, my hair in a mess around my face.
I would of hit him but I felt more cunning this morning as I quickly snapped a photo of him where he lay. His hair was everywhere, sticking up the way it did and his mouth was a little open.
I laughed as I posted the tweet.

@jorgiematthew23: @Harry_Styles This is why I'm gonna miss you :( pic.twitter/7hsieH74

"Harry," I nudged him softly, startling him awake.
"Five more minutes," he mumbled, locking me in his arms in a bear tight grip and laying his head back on to the pillow.
"You have a plane to catch," I said, pushing the messy curls off of his face.
He groaned softly and opened his eyes again.
I heard the beep of his phone and as he raised his torso off of the bed once me, keeping more in his grip and taking me with him.

"I'm having a quick shower," I nudged Harry's hip as he attempted to guide me to the kitchen.
He frowned but nodded, letting me head back towards the bathroom.

When I returned, Harry was dressed with a bowl of cereal in front of him. I sat next to him and he held a spoonful up, offering it to me.
"When are you headed to my mums?" He laughed at the irony in his own sentence.
"Day after tomorrow."
"Well, when I get back, we will be on the home stretch." I shook my head as he continued, "And you aren't allowed to know where I am taking you for our honeymoon."
"Why?" I looked at him, trying to suss out the situation.
"I'm not telling you anything, no matter what you do."
I laughed and let him pull me off of the chair.

I looked around as we made out way back through the airport. It had been a long morning and we were all ready to head our own ways. I watched as Emily and Eleanor were swarmed by about 10 girls and Perrie and I were bombarded even worse. They all were firing questions at us as security helped us get through. It clicked at that point that Gracie hadn't been with Niall, and that I hadn't actually seen her in a few weeks.

I turned to the other girls as we got back into the cars.
"Does anyone know what happened to Gracie? I thought Niall really liked her."
"Where have you been?" Emily laughed, leaning against the side of my car. Eleanor looked at me with the same expression of confusion. Perrie looked curious too.
"Apparently something happened back home so she had to fly back. She told Niall that it was too hard being away and it wasn't gonna work. I think Niall saw it coming so he wasn't too upset."
"That's no good," I frowned, "He really liked her too."
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