3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


8. Last Minute Surprises

"It's like everything that makes this day perfect comes down to the colour," El laughed, observing all four girls. Lottie and Fliss, who I had met several times before, had taken the place of two other bridesmaids. El's friend, Kate, was maid-of-honour. The dresses we wore were knee length, strapless and deep red in colour.
"The way I see red is the sign of love," she continued. She was more talking to herself then to any of us. "It's passion, the intense emotion and just the colour that pops into my head when I think of him."
We got changed and I headed to lunch with El, Fliss and Lottie. Emily joined us as well. We all ate at a little restaurant downtown.
"I don't want them to leave again tomorrow," Lottie frowned at her food, "I don't see Louis that often anyway but I don't like when he is so far away."
"I know," I frowned, "I want Harry to stay with me but I know he can't."
"I've been here for less than a week and Liam is already leaving," Em shook her head.
"I have to pull our wedding together via phone and Skype," El laughed, "How do you all think I feel? Now stop your whining and eat your lunch."
I had to laugh and her pushiness. She was so stressed that it was cute.

When I got back to the apartment, Harry was packed and ready to leave the next morning.
"I don't have to wake you tomorrow if you don't want. I can get a car," he said, as he pulled my into his lap on the couch.
"I wanna see you off," I smiled, leaning my face towards his. He kissed me softly.
"I was considering staying in my old place for a bit anyway, just because I don't want Emily to be alone when she is pregnant," I said, putting my head on his chest.
"Is that weird for you as well?"
"Yeah," I nodded, "The fact that they got together a couple of weeks ago and now they are having a kid."
"She's not gonna be there anyway," Harry laughed as I looked at him shocked, "It's okay. I just meant that Liam bought a new house. He didn't want to go back to the old one so my and the boys cleared it out and he got a new place, one that will be his and Emily's. He is showing her today."
My face must have been glowing with excitement for my older sister. I knew that she had not known this affection.
"You just failed to tell me until now?" I laughed, tapping his knee playfully.
"You are a terrible secret keeper," he laughed, latching my hand in his.
"I'm not that bad."
"You told Eleanor where Louis left his food stash. That is a mans secret that should never be shared." He was smiling as he bantered with me. "Anyway, I have a surprise for you."
My head shot to his face.
"Follow me." He took my hand and led me up a staircase that I had never seen. "I've been saving this," he smiled.
I caught my breathe at what was in front of me. The skyline was dominate in the setting sun. Fairy lights twinkled spun into the potted trees and plants. There was no table, just a mat with a few dishes on it.
"Happy 'I'm-leaving-and-I'm-really-gonna-miss-you-party'," he smiled gleefully.

Emily's POV
"Liam," I laughed as he led me down a gravel path. The blindfold on my face was slipping but he kept fixing it for me.
"I won't tell you. Just wait two minutes."
"Are you kidnapping me?"
"No," he laughed, grabbing me waist and standing me still.
"Can I look now?"
Before he answered, he tugged the blindfold of carefully. We stood before a large house. I seemed oversized for two people but looked like it would be a lot of fun to explore.
"Welcome home babe," he breathed into my ear as I stood there, motionless and stunned.
"Wow!" I half laughed.
He started kissing my neck slowly, his hands sliding under my shirt and rubbing at my curvy hips. I spun and took his mouth to mine, letting his tongue win the war. He lifted me and carried me, pausing for only a second when we got inside the house.
"Can you have sex when you're pregnant?" He asked curiously.
"Yeah," I laughed, "It won't affect the baby."
"Thank god," he said as he pressed his mouth to mine.
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