3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


2. Jorgie the matchmaker

Jorgie's POV
The next morning I woke back in the little tent. It was peaceful. Harry was on his stomach next to me with no blanket over him. I slapped his bum and woke him up.
"You look amazing in this light," he mumbled, pulling me towards him.
"I look amazing in the light out there. Get dressed and I'll make breakfast."
"I wanna stay here," he groaned, rolling onto his back.
I laughed and opened the tent.

The others were sitting around again. They all looked up as I walked out.
All eight of them had grins on their faces. It was perfect and I leaned into Harry as he curled his arm around my waist from behind me.
"I wanna stay here too," I mumbled, smiling at all my family.

The day went by slowly. We all felt lazy and sat around all day. It hit afternoon and we headed down to the beach. Liam and Louis were surfing. The other boys were in the water with them as us girls sat on the sand.

"So, Gracie, you and Niall?" Eleanor smiled, she was always the first to get in on the goss.
Gracie smiled and stared at her toes.
"He is just so sweet, and he treats me like a princess."
"And Emily? Liam?" I urged, laughing.
"Nothing happened," she half laughed.
"Nothing?" I raised my eyebrows, "So the noises coming from your tent was the sound of nothing."
"Shut up," she nudged me.
"Are you two a thing?" Perrie said from her spot next to El.
"We'll see what happens. I don't want to be his rebound but."

"Haaaarry," I groaned that night.
"Sorry," he laughed, inching away from me on the mattress.
"Don't laugh at me," I frowned.
"You should have worn sunscreen," he lectured. I could see his dark outline across from me.
"Shut up. I burn easily okay!"
He was laughing still.
I groaned again, "I need to take my shirt off. It is stinging."
"Now you're teasing me," he mimicked my groan.
"Stay there," I laughed, awkwardly pulling my shirt off.

When I woke with his arms around me again, I instantly flung them off.
"Owwww," I half screamed and turned to see him laughing.
"You can forget about sex until we get back to the UK now," I smirked.
His face dropped and I laughed, pulling on a shirt before leaving the tent.

"You are so red," Liam laughed from the kitchen area.
"I know," I frowned, "And I need a Harry proof barrier because he keeps touching me," I laughed.
I watched his head turn to the sound of laughter emerging from behind the tents, further into the campsite. My sister had her phone pressed to her ear as she paced and talked.
I looked back at Liam's face as he stared at her.
"Liam," I tried to regain his attention.
"Mmmh," he turned back to me.
I merely raised an eyebrow.
"I know," he laughed.
"You like her?"
"A lot."
"But nothing," he smiled, "I have no buts when it comes to how I see her."
"Are you gonna make it official?"
"Am I going to ask her out, you mean?"
I nodded.
"I don't know if I want to jump into anything. I really, really like her, so I really want to but I don't want it to look like she is my rebound. She's far from that."
"Just don't leave it too long incase you lose her."
He nodded and went to hug me but I held my hands up and he laughed, "Sorry."
"Hey Em," he called, running over to her as she hung up the phone.

"Aren't you the matchmaker?" Harry smiled wrapping his arms around me from behind.
"Haaarry," I leapt out of his grip.
"Sorry," he laughed again.
I shook my head as I noticed everyone else coming back from the beach.
"When are we gonna go home?" I suddenly asked.
He frowned, "I don't know. I haven't thought about it. Perrie is going back to Sydney in two days so we might all just head back then."
"Mmh," I nodded, "We'll go see my mum and then head back. When are you headed on tour again?"
"End of the month."
I frowned, "How long?"
"About two months. It's all been split up cause of Louis wedding."
"Can you hug me?" I laughed, "Carefully."
He smiled and wrapped his arms around a less burnt part of my waist, pecking my lips softly.
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