3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


22. Feel

Niall's POV
I felt Jorgie's eyes on me as we ate. We were all sat in a dressing room together, about to go out and rehearse for a couple of hours. I saw Liam and Emily from the corner of my eye, him admiring her in a weird way. Zayn hadn't shown yet so everyone here seemed to be in a relationship. I groaned softly, shovelling more chips into my mouth.

"Niall," Jorgie's voice echoed through the hallway behind me.
I spun dramatically, facing her quickly.
"Yeah," I raised my eyebrows in a sarcastic manner.
"What are you doing?"
"Going to the bathroom, why?"
"You know what I mean," she laughed, lightening the mood.
"Nothing. I'm just lonely," I looked at my feet.
"I'm gonna set you up with someone," she smiled, standing on her tippy toes with pride.
I moved away from that subject, "How are you feeling today?"
"Better," she was the one to look down, "Although, I'm wearing that much make-up, it's like cake icing."
I laughed and she waved me too the toilet before heading back down the corridor.

Jorgie's POV
"I don't really want to anyway," I looked up at Paul. He had offered to take us out shopping but we all weren't in any state to.
"Well the offer still stands," he slide back down the row of seats.
"Girls, girls," I turned to my sister. She was slumped in the chair, her hand on her belly, "They are both kicking!"
Me and Eleanor were fast to press our hands to her stomach where a very small foot poked me. Her smile was enormous as I looked up at my older sisters face.
"Wow," I half-laughed.
"I know," she shook her head in disbelief.
A bang sounded on the stage and we all spun to see Liam climbing over the rows of chairs.
"I missed it again, didn't I?" He frowned, putting his hands to Emily's stomach.
"You'll feel it eventually," Em smiled and placed her hands over Liam's.
"I feel like we should leave them," Eleanor whispered, laughing in my ear.
We slide out of the row and made our way to the stage just as the boys finished Little Things. Harry grabbed a bottle of water as he jumped down from the stage, sitting in the front row.
"Hi," he smiled as I sat next to him, "What are you two doing?"
Eleanor was next to him on the other side and just raised her eyebrows, "What does it look like we are doing?"
"Talking to a very good looking curly haired lad," Harry laughed.
"I can vouch for that," I smiled as he wrapped his arm around my neck.
"We have to do a few more songs but then me and you are gonna go get some food," Harry pecked me on the cheek and stood.
"You and I," I corrected him.
He laughed and pulled himself back up onto the stage by his arms.

Zayn started the first verse and I laughed as Liam ran back towards the stage, tripping as he attempted to jump onto the stage.

"Alright boys," Paul started, "You can all go get dinner or order in, but I need you all back at 6 to be ready for the show at 7:30. Girls, please make sure they are no later."
We smiled and nodded before heading towards the back entrance.
"Do you lot wait here all day?" I heard Louis laugh from ahead of us. I also noticed that Niall and Zayn hadn't followed. There was only the six of us.
It was mainly paparazzi outside, a few fans in the mix.
"Don't associate yourself with these men," Harry laughed as the fans asked for photos.
I looked at my sister hiding her body behind Liam as he gripped her hands.
"We've only got a little time to eat but we'll be back," he smiled.
It clicked to me at that point that Liam hadn't told the fans about Emily and his soon to be children. I laughed to myself as we made our way into the van.
"What?" Everyone looked at me and I realised that my laugh hadn't been to myself.
"Nothing. I was just thinking, Liam, have you told the fans about Emily and her pregnancy."
"Not exactly," he frowned, "It would probably make my life easier.."
"We're on Ellen tomorrow. Why don't you announce it?" Louis was the one to put in the suggestion.
I glanced at my sisters face, her smile showed how much she didn't even care at the moment. She was just happy. I'm pretty sure it was the hormones.

The show was loud. I couldn't hear myself speak over the noises these girls were making. Harry slept in the car ride back to the hotel. It was like four minutes so I don't know how he done it.

I watched as everyone headed in their own directions, to their rooms. I dawdled behind Harry. He seemed awake again and I frowned as he pressed his lips to mine, my back against the back of the door.
"Harry," I mumbled. It was a weak attempt to stop him. He did stop momentarily, taking a step back and asking me if it was alright.
I just smiled and nodded, letting him pull my shirt off. It had been more than a week since what had happened at Louis and Eleanor's house. I was still bruised but I needed Harry to take that pain away.
He took my bra off to show the bruises on my left breast, yellowing but still visible to match the small cuts made by fingernails. Her tenderly kissed the marked area and carried me to lay on the bed. He didn't hesitate at pulling my skirt down an off of my ankles. Harry leaned back over me and I used it as an opportunity to move my hands to unzip his jeans and pull his shirt over his head.
"You're definitely ready to do this again?" He double checked.
I quickly nodded, "Take the pain away from me Harry," I mumbled against his neck and he left out a half laugh, half moan as he slid his own jeans off.
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