3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


7. Dirty dreamer

Liam's POV
I made sure everything was perfect on the tray before I carried it into her. Emily was still sound asleep as I pushed the bedroom door open with my foot.
"Morning beautiful," I mumbled, placing the tray with a cup of honey tea and a bowl of her favourite granola on the bedside table.
"Morning," she smiled, rolling onto her back and sliding up to let me place the tray on her lap.
I sat and placed my hand on her leg.
"I have a surprise for you," I smiled.
"Better than this?" She raised her eyebrow skilfully.
"Much. How do you feel about coming with me back home today?"
"Today?" She almost choked on her granola.
"Yeah," I nodded, my thumb rubbing circles into her leg.
"What about-" she started but I cut her off.
"All sorted. We might stay at my apartment for a bit but. You understand if I don't want to go to the house right now?"
"Sure," she smiled, "I'll have to go see my mum this morning. I still have to tell her too so I want you by my side."
"Of course," I smiled.

Jorgie's POV
I moaned as Harry slowly moved upwards and back in. I felt hands on my back and lips pressed to several parts of my skin. I arched as Harry pushed into me again and the lips on the back of my neck, sucking and licking made me moan even more. I could feel Niall's dick against my leg and his body pressed to my back. His lips kept contact on my neck as I slowly slid against both of them, or sweaty bodies leaving no friction. I threw my head back on to Niall's shoulder.
His name escaped my lips and Harry pressed his lips to my nipple to regain my attention.
"Harry," I moaned as he roughly sucked, "Harder Harry."
"Okay," his voice sounded, his lips not moving.
"What?" I answered, shocked that he had answered me.
"Harry?" Niall's voice came from a fair distance away.
"What?" He half laughed as the bodies around me started to fade.
"Seriously Harry?" I heard the almost unfamiliar sound of Liam's voice, "Don't milk it."
All three boys laughed as I fluttered my eyes.

My legs were swung over the back of the lounge, my body covered in sweat.
"Morning sunshine," Louis laughed, leaning over my face.
I rolled and buried my head into the throw pillows.
"No need to be shy," he laughed.
"I hate you all," I groaned. "How much did you hear?" I flicked my head to Louis' face, who was now the only person in the living room, praying that they didn't hear the very clear moan of Niall's name.
"You say Harry...a lot. And I think harder was a word that was used. Is he not giving you enough?" He laughed.
"Apparently," I frowned, digging my head back into the pillows.

I ran into the bathroom, not wanting to talk to the people in the kitchen whilst I was sweaty and in my pyjamas.

I almost jumped a top of the two people on my couch when I came back out, showered and fresh. Liam and Emily caught me in a tight, three person hug.
"I was only gone for three hours Jorgie. You couldn't wait that long?" Harry suddenly chirped in as he placed his drink on the coffee table. I threw a pillow and it skimmed the top of his hair.
"I can't control what I dream about."
"Yeah," Liam laughed, patting my wet hair.
"Anyone," Emily suddenly smiled, sitting up on the arm of the couch. She had everyone sat around like we were her school kids or her children. "Now that everyone's here, there is some kinda big news."
I saw everyone's heads shoot up, even Zayn's.
"I don't want you all to pounce on us about bad ideas," Liam added, grabbing an arm around Emily's waist.
"Yeah, cause we already decided on this," Emily smiled at him.
I glanced at the others who all shrugged their shoulders.
I saw Emily place a hand on her stomach and my own flipped. I almost dove at them before they even said anything.
"Oh my god, what?" I laughed, hugging my sister.
"I didn't even tell you yet Jorgie," she laughed.
I just shook my head, "You are so easy to read."
I turned to the other confused faces as my sister announced the expectancy of a new member to the family. Harry looked at me, searching for an answer. I think my smile told him that this was okay.
"Are you sure?" Zayn said as Liam held his hand up.
"We've discussed it. We both want this."
"But are you ready for it?" Eleanor asked, concern packed in her voice.
"I think I am. Emily is. I'm not searching for questions, okay guys? We just wanted to let you know. We're staying at the old place too."
"I'll give you a lift," Niall jumped up as they started to leave.
"Niall," Louis exclaimed.
"Just because I'm teaching you to drive, doesn't mean you can offer people lifts in my car."
"Bye guys," I laughed as they all left, leaving me and Harry alone.
"Where were we in that dream of yours?" He smiled, leaning his body over mine on the couch.
He lifted my shirt started to immediately kiss down my stomach.
"Bout here," I laughed, tangling my hands into his hair.
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