3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


26. Crowded

"Do they not know what privacy means?" My mum mumbled as we fitted the baby seats into the RangeRover. 
"No, but you get used to it," I laughed, trying to ignore the camera flashes behind me. 
"You'd think that they'd leave a new family alone." 
I looked up at my nan. She had insisted on coming down because it was a special moment in her grandchild's and great-grandchildren's lives. Her fluffy grey hair had been flattened by the rain but she stood there staring at the camera ridden men, annoyance on her face. 
I actually loved seeing my nan like this. It was not only entertaining me, but everyone else in the surrounding cars. There was three more cars apart from the Range Rover. We had bought a mob just to deliver two babies back home. 
It did come in handy as security. I doubt that the paparazzi got much of a photo. 
"That was the weirdest thing I have ever seen our family do," Emily giggled as her and Liam put Peyton and Alexis in their seats. 
I couldn't help but laugh. 
"That is the reason I love your family," Harry smiled and Liam nodded cheerfully, 
"Cause they are psychopaths??" I raised an eyebrow at Liam. 
He looked up from Peyton, "Yes. I see where you two get it from." 
Emily gaped, a half smile showing as well. 
"You better hope these two take after you then. Wouldn't want them to take after their crazy mother." 
"I would love them to take after you," Liam smirked, "I could use three of you in my life." 
"Sorry you only get one," Emily smiled, fixing the tiny sock on Alexis' foot. 

Harry caught my attention as he pulled into Liam and Emily's driveway. 
"Call in the Matthew Mob," he laughed, trying to make his way through a group of people. 
"Really?" Liam frowned, "Can they just leave us alone for once?" 
Most of them were fans, a few paparazzi. 
"Hi guys," Harry was out of the car first. I followed, moving to his side as he spoke to the people. "I know everyone wants to see the babies, but a little bit of privacy wouldn't go astray at the moment. Emily and Liam just got home and they don't really need all of this." 
Everyone began to disperse and I smiled at Harry, watching as everyone left. 

Liam and Emily were quick out of the car when everyone left. I felt like Emily ran to show the babies their rooms, as if they would respond to her. 
The house was crowded, all of us staying down stairs as Liam and Emily had their family moment. 

"Give me the remote," my cousin yelled at my dad. I felt like hitting them at times. It felt to crowded in this massive house. There would have been more than twenty people in here. 

I stood from the kitchen chair. 
"Harry, do you wanna?" I pointed at the door. 
He nodded. All the other boys had gone already.
"Mum, me and Harry are gonna head off. I'll call Em later." 
She nodded, still bustling around the kitchen, trying to cook for everyone. 

"I don't think I'm going to last the next week." I laughed, leaning up against the side of the car. 
I could feel the goosebumps forming on my arm, a shiver running through me from the winter air. 
"Why aren't you wearing a jacket?" Harry rubbed his hands up the length of my arms. 
"I left it inside," I groaned, not wanting to reenter the house. 
"We'll just have to make you warm," he smiled, leaning his body against mine, his lips moving onto my neck. 
"Or we can just get home," I laughed, not bothering to push him away. 
"I like the idea of doing it up against the car," he smiled against my neck, his throaty laugh tickling me. 
"Hi Nan," I spoke to thin air, scaring him enough to make him leap back and spin around. 
I smiled as he glared at me, sliding quickly into the passenger side of the car. 
"You've lost that chance now," he frowned when he got into the drivers side. 
"What chance?" I shrugged my shoulders, breaking his attempt to be angry and making him laugh. 

"Jorgie," my name was called from the kitchen. 
Harry's arms tightened around me as I tried to get out of the bed. I laughed, swatting him away but giving him a peck on the lips before getting up. 
"What?" I mumbled sleepily, walking into the kitchen to find Emily, mum and my two grandmas sitting at my dining table. 
"What needs to be done today?" My mum asked. 
I shook my head, "You woke me to ask me that? Can't I have ten more minutes at least?" 
They all smiled as my other sister came into the kitchen, still in her pyjamas as well. 
The past week had been loud and eventful. I had tried to stay out of the chaos but my sister and her husband were staying here, very much keeping me in it. 
"I'm going back to bed," I mumbled, waving them away. 

Harry's arms curled back around me as soon as I was in the bed with him. 
"Two more days," I mumbled, pressing my face into his neck. 
"I don't think I'm gonna survive two days without this," he mumbled, leaning to look at my face. 
"After that, I'm all yours." 
There was a knock on our door and I quickly pressed my head into the pillow, attempting to block out the sound of my sisters voice. 
"You have ten minutes with Harry but Liam is coming to get him after that. He can't be around for your bachelorette party."
"What's going to happen there?" He laughed softly, his hands moving down my back and to my thighs. 
"The usual," I smiled, accepting his mouth on mine. 
I moaned softly as he lifted his body above mine, his hands removing my shirt easily. I caught his hand as it trailed along the elastic of my pants. He locked eyes with me in confusion and I raised one finger to my lips, telling him that there was only one level of volume acceptable. He chuckled deeply but nodded. My hand lost his as it removed my pyjama bottoms and my underwear. 

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