3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


5. Clearing out

"What part of you makes you think any of this is okay?" I heard Eleanor shout as we approached the door.
It was Louis, however, that swung the door open when we knocked.
"She's here," he shook his head and let us into the house.

We walked into the living room to an uncomfortable sight. Niall sat next to Eleanor who sat across from Danielle.
"This is my house too," Danielle looked shocked.
"What? Can't your baby daddy afford his own?" Niall half laughed at his own joke.
"Niall! He doesn't want anything to do with this."
"Either way, what makes you think Liam would want to come home to you? You are lucky he didn't come with us," I finally joined, sitting close to El.
"Where is he anyway?"
I shot her a deadly glance.
"He is with another girl, isn't he??" She rolled her eyes, "He already got a rebound?"
I felt El and Harry grip both of my hands as I flared uncontrollably.
"I'd watch what you say," Louis half laughed.
"Why?" Danielle glanced up at him, "Is she some whore? Did he find her at a bar?" She was laughing in amusement as she talked.
I couldn't help but stand.
"Oh no," Danielle laughed, "She is one of your slutty friends."
I couldn't help myself as I swung my hand around and slapped her.

An unidentifiable noise escaped Louis, Harry and Niall's lips. Eleanor might as well have cheered.
I was breathing really sharply. "Firstly, you break Liam's heart, then you try to act nonchalant, then you insult me and my sister. You seriously need to get the fuck out before I grab you by one of your skinny limbs and throw you out."
She cowered in her seat.

Louis pulled me by my waist into the kitchen.
"Are you okay?" He laughed as I took a deep breathe.
"Yeah. She just... I thought she was my friend."
"Me too," El said as she walked in behind me, "Good work," she laughed.
"Thanks. What's going on now??"
"Harry and Niall made her go and get some clothes. She's not staying."
"Good," Louis sounded relieved.
"And while you're here too Jorgie," El turned to me again, "We have a dress fitting tomorrow."
"Huh?" I glanced up at her.
"For my wedding. You're one of my bridesmaids."
"What?" I laughed, standing to hug her.
"Yeah. Best friend, bridesmaid. Kind of a give away."
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