3. The Longest Day- The Untamed Series

Wedding bells are closing in on Jorgie and Harry.. It can't be that easy but for a member of the worlds biggest boyband..


25. A few new additions

"Guys, I think I need to go to the hospital."
"Oh god," I laughed, rushing to her.
Eleanor was on the phone before any one.
"We'll have to get you changed first," my mum smiled, running into the bedroom, chanting something as she ran.
"Jorgie!" Emily gripped my arm, "Get Liam here!" She growled, "I'm not having these babies without him."
I nodded, gazing at the imprints she left on my arm.

"Harry!" I was practically yelling as Eleanor drove, "Where are you? Aren't you meant to be flying?"
"No, we got an earlier flight. We're in Heathrow airport now. What's going on?"
"You have to get to the hospital. I'm pretty sure Emily will not push until Liam is here!"
Harry screamed on the other end and I heard him talking frantically to the people around him.
"Ten minutes," he mumbled and hung up the phone.

Liam's POV
I don't think I had ever ran that fast in my life. The boys were right on my tail too.
"Emily," I gushed at the front desk, "Emily Matthew."
I got pointed in a direction and ran for it.
I saw Jorgie's face first. She was at the door talking to Eleanor.
"Liam," she took a deep breathe as I hugged her, "She is about ready. I'm pretty sure they knew to wait for you," she laughed.
The other boys waited outside, Jorgie coming into the room behind me.
"How's that for timing?" I smiled at the sweaty mess of a girl in front of me.
"Thank god you made it," she laughed breathlessly.
"I told you I would."
She gripped my hand as the nurse came back into the room. Her other hand was in Jorgie's and I noticed her mum standing behind Jorgie.
I brushed the hair off of her forehead as the nurse explained a few things.
"I'm going to get you to push on three, okay?"
I wasn't prepared but I felt Emily's grip tighten as the nurse counted down.
Emily's hand squeezed mine tightly and I noticed we breathe hitched as she pushed. I rubbed at her back and felt her let out a deep breathe as she relaxed a little again.
"And again Emily. 1....2.....3"
I made sure not to yelp as Emily squeezed my hand even harder.
"Head of baby one is out. Just one more push Emily. 1....2.....3"
It was shorter and I rubbed away the tears that had fallen unwilling from Emily's eyes.
"Baby one is a girl. Born at 12:47pm on the 27th of November." The midwife spoke quickly as she handed the baby to another nurse. A cry was heard, even with the commotion on this side of the room.
"Okay Emily. Baby two is coming pretty quickly now so I need you to push again."
I smiled at the glee on Emily's face, even with the amount of pain she was in.
This baby was keen to be out.
"Baby two is also a girl. With the time difference of 1 and a half minutes, roughly. Liam, would you like to cut the cord?"
I clicked on again and nodded, staring at the precious baby in front of me and letting the midwife guide my shaking hand.
"We'll get her tidied up and bring them both in to you."
"Tell the boys," Emily pushed me to the door.
I swung it open.
They were all sitting there, in a typically Harry manor, head in their hands, waiting in anticipation.
"Two girls," I smiled and they all jumped up and hugged me, jumping a bit before pushing me back into the room. Emily was being cleaned up and it felt like a flash moment, seconds passed before two little bundles were being bought into us. One had a pink blanket and one had a peach blanket.
She felt tiny in my arms, like I was about to crush her. Emily smiled up at me and I gently leaned in, brushing my lips against hers softly.
"Peyton and Alexis. What do you think?"
I smiled and nodded, "Perfect."
"We're going to move you in to another room, but both the babies are really healthy so you will only have to stay a few days. No more than a week."
Jorgie let out a deep breathe. I laughed at her anxiousness and her ability to still be stressed about the wedding.

Jorgie's POV
"They're so small," Harry mumbled, playing with the tiny hand of the bundle in my arms.
Emily smiled, "This is Alexis Grace Payne. And she is Peyton Jaimee Payne."
"They're beautiful," I smiled and passed the baby in my arms to Liam's mum, Karen, who had rushed down here when she heard the news.

It was a few hours before people started to disperse. Eventually only my mum, Liam's parents and me and Harry were left. Liam was asleep next to Emily. We laughed at the fact that it was only around 5pm and he was sound.
"Do you want me to get you any food before we go?" I asked.
"I'm gonna sleep. I will get some later, when Liam wakes."
I nodded and admired the two sleeping babies in their cots before dragging Harry out of the room with me.
"Dinner?" He looked at me.
"Take out," I laughed, "I'm to exhausted for anything else."
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