The Tragedy

Yannie had everything. From material things to people. She had complete parents, and an awesome boyfriend. But it all changed after an accident...

Yannie and his boyfriend, Cedric were in a car, driving at around 1 am, when a Ferrari owner drove past the limit collided with Yannie's car. It was so fast that no one noticed it. That both party's driver didn't noticed it happening.

Yannie's life changed...

She woke up inside somebody else's body. She then found herself attracted to sex mate of her body which is also her neighbor. But when she met the detective that was handling her case, she can't help but look up to him.
What might happen if they all found out that Yannie's inside somebody else's body?


1. Prologue

This wasn't what Yannie expected. She thought about all the gifts her friends would give her but here she is. In the dark room, with her boyfriend, Cedric. He said that he finally knows how much he loves her. Suck it up, Yannie said to him but he insisted and now both of them, lying naked and sweating on the floor.

"I love you, Yannie." Cedric whispered to her while playing with her chest. She knows that he is a maniac when it comes to boobs. Hopefully, he'll treat me better than anything else, she thought. She pushed herself up from the floor. It was pretty hard as her inside ache like hell. "C'mon, Yannie! Come back!" Cedric moaned after her. She ignored him and climbed to the king sized bed of the hotel Cedric reserved. I thought it's romantic. But I guess I'm a romantic wannabe, she thought as she pulled her underwear.

"Yannie, don't you like my gift for your birthday?" Cedric asked. "I love it, Cedric and I love you too but we have to go. My mom will be looking for me!" she replied. "Okay, fine! Wait for me while I get dressed, " he said as he searched for his jeans. "Here," Yannie said as she tossed the garment to Cedric.

After a while they're at their car. Mercedes Benz. "Cedric, can you slow down?!" Yannie shouted as he attempted to drive pass the limit. "I was just joking, Yannie! Chillax!" he said then suddenly a hard, cold metal touched Yannie's side and every went black and lots of blood....


So here's the first chappy for the competition I entered for... Hope y'all like it


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