The Tragedy

Yannie had everything. From material things to people. She had complete parents, and an awesome boyfriend. But it all changed after an accident...

Yannie and his boyfriend, Cedric were in a car, driving at around 1 am, when a Ferrari owner drove past the limit collided with Yannie's car. It was so fast that no one noticed it. That both party's driver didn't noticed it happening.

Yannie's life changed...

She woke up inside somebody else's body. She then found herself attracted to sex mate of her body which is also her neighbor. But when she met the detective that was handling her case, she can't help but look up to him.
What might happen if they all found out that Yannie's inside somebody else's body?


7. Chapter 6

"Anna, can I ask you a favor?" I asked. "What is it?" she asked as she stirs the pot. "Can you find out who is handling my case?" I asked. "Sure, sorry that you have to stay here." she apologized. "Don't worry but one thing. There's a psycho next door!" I joked. "Donald?" she laughed. "Yeah, he even tried to kiss me!"

"Woah! My sister's wild!" Anna said. I laughed. "Do you enjoy being in my sister's body? Be honest!" she asked. I sighed, "I don't. I'd rather die in that accident than live in other people's body!"

"Don't worry, we'll find a way in this. By the way, I found this envelope outside your door. From Hogan Lovells, your law firm." she said, handing me a brown envelope. "Open it," she urged.

I opened it carefully, not to break the paper. It says, "Good day Ms Amanda Flyer, we have a client that wished to be under you. Please report to your office by tomorrow. Really important. I've been contacting you through everything that I know, hopefully a letter can make you understand this situation.


Mr Tyler Kevins"

"They want me to report back tomorrow!" I exclaimed as I looked at Anna with a surprised look. "C'mon, you can do that Yannie! You're a clever woman! I assure you!" Anna assured me. I took a big gulp of air. I mean, I can do that, right? I mean I was taking Law in college, right? But I was just in my first year! the inside me said. Whatever! I can do it!

"Just please don't forget my favor!" I called out as Anna walked out my apartment.


"She's one of our attentive students! She's in our school orchestra and always bring us pride whenever she goes out." the principal said. Hoffman and I are in Edwards' school asking them about her. Most people here said that Allen and Edwards' were friends before they went official. They even said that they had been going out since second year of highschool (she's now in College).

"Thank you so much." I heard Hoffman said as I walked out.

Most of our case that we had handled, only this has a teenager involved. I mean, this new generation has involved teenagers in some of their stupidity.

"Intro, whatever what was going on Edwards is not involved." Hoffman predicted. "What is it this time?" I asked. "Well, while you were asking Edwards' teacher, I walked around and asked her friends about Allen. They said that he wasn't going here and I asked where, they didn't know." he explained. "Did you asked his parents?" I asked. "Well, they said that THEY weren't living there already. That's the mystery, why THEY?"

Argh! This is getting irritating!


I've got no time left! I really have to put things together and FAST!


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