The Tragedy

Yannie had everything. From material things to people. She had complete parents, and an awesome boyfriend. But it all changed after an accident...

Yannie and his boyfriend, Cedric were in a car, driving at around 1 am, when a Ferrari owner drove past the limit collided with Yannie's car. It was so fast that no one noticed it. That both party's driver didn't noticed it happening.

Yannie's life changed...

She woke up inside somebody else's body. She then found herself attracted to sex mate of her body which is also her neighbor. But when she met the detective that was handling her case, she can't help but look up to him.
What might happen if they all found out that Yannie's inside somebody else's body?


5. Chapter 4

"Look, I'm so sorry, Amanda. I know you're stressed and I just kissed you. I know you just came back from the hospital. I'm so sorry, Amanda!" Don apologized. I stopped walking, just in front of my - I mean Amanda's apartment. "Look, I'm so sorry but I thing our relationship as err, sex mate, will not work out. So please, Donald can you leave me alone?" I asked politely as I enter my apartment. "Oh, okay..." he said, looking upset.

Now stop giving the face! It just makes me bad!

"Oh, just come in and suit yourself!" I exclaimed as I push him inside. "Wow, I've been inside here so many times but it still wonders me!" he said. I wanted to reply, 'Me too!'.

"So do you want anything?" I asked walking to the kitchen. Suddenly, I feel strong arms wrapped around my waist, "I want you." Donald whispered in my ear and nibbled it. I struggled to get out of his grasp but he's holding too strong. He's now kissing my neck, giving me shrills down my spine.

"Get off of me, Donald!" I shrieked. He didn't heard it or didn't even understand it!

I wriggled but his grasp is too strong and not his hand were roaming up my chest. "I SAID GET OFF OF ME!" I screamed using all my force to push him.

He was surprised. "What, now?" he asked giving me 'the expression'. "Get out and don't show me your fucking ugly face!" I screamed and watched him as he went out of my apartment.

I sat at the bottom of the stairs and ran my hand on my hair. Amanda's life is a mess!

A lot messier than my life...

But I realize one thing, that I hoped I realized it a lot earlier....



I really am so very sorry for the late UD. I was busy BUT, don't worry... we're having a vacation now and I could UD as many as I want...

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