The Tragedy

Yannie had everything. From material things to people. She had complete parents, and an awesome boyfriend. But it all changed after an accident...

Yannie and his boyfriend, Cedric were in a car, driving at around 1 am, when a Ferrari owner drove past the limit collided with Yannie's car. It was so fast that no one noticed it. That both party's driver didn't noticed it happening.

Yannie's life changed...

She woke up inside somebody else's body. She then found herself attracted to sex mate of her body which is also her neighbor. But when she met the detective that was handling her case, she can't help but look up to him.
What might happen if they all found out that Yannie's inside somebody else's body?


4. Chapter 3

They said when you die, you'll feel happy. But right now, I don't feel like it. I'm dead. Here I am standing in front of my body, half-wrapped with a cloth. Beside my body is my boyfriend's. I tried to stop myself from saying it's my fault. I know Cedric wouldn't like it all.

Or maybe...

He's also stuck in another people's body? Like me!

Stop getting your hopes up, Yannie!, a voice in my head said.

I sighed mentally.

"So, Ya- I mean, Amanda, are you ready to go home? We have lots to learn!" Anna said. I rolled my eyes as she calls me Amanda again. "Please just call me-" she stopped me, "Nuh-uh! I'm going to call you Amanda, so you can train yourself!" I groaned. This will be a really long day...


"Okay, so I'm going to start with the people we know. This is mom and dad. They live...."

"Okay, now who is your neighbor?" Anne asked me. "Donald McRitchie" I answered.
"Where do you live?"
"Block 137 Rivervale Street, Floor 12, Door 750"
"Good, now, what is your occupation?"
"Nice, now, do you have any relationship?"
"No! And never!"

"Now, I guess we're done here..." Anne said, dropping the papers she's holding. "Mr Adams, who is he again?" "Our driver" I said while rolling my eyes. "Okay, he'll drop you at your apartment. So go!" she said waving me out. I sneered in reply.

"Ma'am here's your apartment." Mr Adams said, opening the door for me. "Thank you and please, don't call me, Ma'am, just Ya- I mean, Amanda." I said and he looked surprise. Amanda must be so strict...

I pressed the '12' button in the elevator when a guy, who I recognized in the picture is my neighbor, Donald, slipped in.

"Amanda! Are you okay?" he asked, really worried. "Yup!" I said cheerfully. "Wow, you've change. You're normally really busy!" he muttered.

Then suddenly, I was crushed on the elevator wall and this Donald guy was kissing me.

"WHAT?! What are you doing?!" I exclaimed. "Don't you remember? I'm your sex mate?" he asked, breathless.

HECK?! This Amanda has a sex mate?!
Oh God! Kill me now! Oh wait! I'm dead! Nice. I'm stuck!

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