The Tragedy

Yannie had everything. From material things to people. She had complete parents, and an awesome boyfriend. But it all changed after an accident...

Yannie and his boyfriend, Cedric were in a car, driving at around 1 am, when a Ferrari owner drove past the limit collided with Yannie's car. It was so fast that no one noticed it. That both party's driver didn't noticed it happening.

Yannie's life changed...

She woke up inside somebody else's body. She then found herself attracted to sex mate of her body which is also her neighbor. But when she met the detective that was handling her case, she can't help but look up to him.
What might happen if they all found out that Yannie's inside somebody else's body?


3. Chapter 2

"Look, can you shut up?" the doctor said, annoyed. "I-I don't know whose body this is!" I shouted, touching my hair. "Look, I'm dealing with another body that has a name of Yannie, are you Yannie Edwards?" the doctor asked as his brows creased. "Yes! That is me! What happened to my body and why am I in another body?" I asked, too fast.

"Oh my Heavens!" the doctor muttered.

"W-wait! W-what happened?!" I said looking around. "Yannie Edwards is dead in arrival" the doctor said.

I feel like a weigh dropped onto my shoulders. I've never felt this... this... I can't explain the feeling but... it's...

"So, you're not my sister?" the woman asked. "I'm so sorry to disappoint you but nope. I am Yannie Edwards and I don't belong to this body!" I said. "Is this really happening?" the woman asked the doctor in a whisper kind of way but I could still hear it...

"Okay, let's keep this as a secret. I'm going to call for some 'spirit specialist' or whatever you call them but I have to make sure if your brain is alright. I have to have some scientific explanation to this! Pretend to be Amanda for a while. Anna, you're going to teach her to be Amanda!" the doctor said as he walked out the door, muttering something to himself.

"So, Amanda?" Anna said.

Oh God! What life did you put me in?


"Based from Edwards' family, Allens is her boyfriend and they went out for Edwards' 18th birthday." I said to Hoffman. "But I don't know if they have any connections with the other victim who is still unidentified." I added.

"Intro, you got! The other victim is a criminal in other cases. Edwards and Allen is innocent." Hoffman replied.

"You, idiot! Both cars were stolen. The knife belongs to the other victim based on the fingerprints." I stated.

"Shall we bring it out to the press?" he asked. "Don't ask me, ask that idiot who's acting like a boss but never will!" I grunted as I pointed at our head.

"You're just angry because he was promoted not you!" Hoffman tease and I playfully punched him on his arm. "Shut up!"


So probably people will be wondering why I use last names at the detective parts. I read this crime themed book by James Patterson and he is using last names. So maybe I could use it... So you'll get to know their real names after some chappy! Hope you like this one!


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