A writer interviews One Direction and falls in love but no before someone else falls first! Who will she be in love with??? Who loves her???


5. Truth or Dare part 2

Zayn was leaning in, I could feel his lips near mine. Suddenly, I heard a scream from outside the door. Zayn and I turned our attention towards the door from where the light was shining in. I could faintly see someone's face. It was Niall. He had a mad look in his eyes and I could tell he was looking straight at Zayn. Zayn looked at me once more, giving me a slight but noticeable grin, then got up and walked past Niall. I was so confused as well as soaked in water. Niall walked over to me and helped me up. 

"What wrong with Zayn?" 

"He needed to go do something."

I nodded. As Niall and I walked back to the interview room, I was still adjusting to the lights and Niall put his arm around my hips. It felt nice and warm to have an arm around me. I walked out of the dark room and back into the bright interview room. I heard whispering before we were near the door.

"Niall, I'm gonna go change outta these wet clothes. Be back in a minute, okay?"

He nodded in agreement and let go of me. I walked over to my office to grab some spare clothes and went to the bathroom. I put on a purple t-shirt that had a big pink heart on it, pink jeans, and some purple converse. I began to walk back to the interview room. I could hear my name being mentioned. I stayed at the door for a couple of minutes, eavesdropping and then walked in. When I walked in everyone stopped talking. Zayn was there but he wouldn't look me in the eyes. He just started at the floor. I sat at my seat and we all continued the interview. I knew I had a lot of editing to do.

"Louis, truth or dare?"


"Your fans would like to know if you have any current crushes?"

The room was silent. Louis looked baffled.

"Louis doesn't have any current crushes." Harry said to the camera.

"Not true mate." 

The guys all looked at him with wide eyes. I laid back in my chair with a grin. 


"I'm not gonna say much but I do have a crush and she's really amazing. I don't know if anything will happen yet but we'll see."

All the boys started asking questions hysterically. 

"Who is she? Where is she? Does she know you like her?"

"I'm not saying anything else." Louis said as he sat back. 

The guys stared at him for a long time and then I got back their attention.

"Okay. Last but never least, Niall. Truth or dare?"


"I heard you guys talking. Is it true? What you said, was it true?"


Niall's POV

"Niall, we know you like her. It's pretty obvious." Liam said with concern. Yup, he's One Direction's daddy.

"Okay good. So I have dibs." 

"Niall, get to know her better okay?" 

"Yeah, whatever."

I looked over at the screen to see what Zayn and Yaris were doing. I couldn't see her but I saw Zayn. An alarm beeped and Zayn screamed to get him out of there. I laughed to myself. She was handing Zayn a towel and then Zayn slipped and landed on top of her. He was close, too close. I could see her looking intensely at Zayn and Zayn was leaning in. I screamed and ran towards the door. I opened it and they both turned to look at me. Zayn looked at her one more time and got up. He pushed right past me and didn't even look at me. Yaris was soaked and still on the floor so I went to help her up. She looked extremely confused and asked me what was wrong with Zayn and I told her that he needed to go do something. We began walking back to the interview room. I could tell her eyes were still adjusting to the bright lights. I wrapped my arm around her hips so that she wouldn't bump into anything. It didn't seem as if she noticed but to me it felt right. Zayn wasn't going to get her, I was. As we got closer to the interview room, I heard whispering. It was Zayn. He liked Yaris. He knew I liked her. He told the boys that he would fight for her as well. I think Harry liked her too but Harry liked every girl he ever met. I don't really know if Yaris heard them but if she did she didn't show must interest. She looked adorable still trying to adjust to the light. She told me she was gonna go change. I nodded for her to go. I entered the room.

"Yaris will be here in a couple of minutes. She just needed to go change out of the wet clothes thanks to Zayn!"

"I slipped and landed on top of her! It wasn't my fault!"

"Yeah and it wasn't your fault that you almost kissed her either!"

"So what if I almost kissed her! She wasn't stopping me!" 

I stayed quiet because I knew it was true. She hadn't stopped him. If it wasn't for me they would've kissed.

"It doesn't matter you knew I liked her." 

"What if she doesn't like you back! What if she doesn't feel the same way!"

"She'll have to make that decision!"

Suddenly, Yaris walked in and sat down. Everyone looked at her except Zayn. No one said anything though I'm pretty sure she had heard everything. We all settled down where we were before and we continued the interview. Louis chose truth and apparently he has a crush that we don't know about. How is that possible if this kid blurts everything out! Finally it was my turn. I chose truth. I was ready for every question except this one.

"I heard you guys talking. Is it true? What you said, was it true?"

We all stared at her and then everyone turned to me. I had a nervous expression on my face. So many things were going through my head. Should I tell her? Should I lie? How does she feel? Why is she doing this now? All this depended on whatever I decided to tell her right now. I had to be brave. I couldn't lie. 

"It's true."


So I'm sorry for not updating for a while but I've been having family drama. So you like where I left off? The girl that Louis likes will be added in later chapters. Tell me who you think Yaris should end up with! Thanks my beauties! <3

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