A writer interviews One Direction and falls in love but no before someone else falls first! Who will she be in love with??? Who loves her???


4. Truth or Dare part 1

   "Ready for truth or dare, boys?"

   "Ready!" they all screamed in unison.

   "Harry, you're first!". I looked over at harry with a grin and he was as calm as could be. "Truth or dare?" 

   "DARE!" he grinned and I was happy at what he had picked.

   "The readers are daring you to carry this corn snake for one whole minute!". Harry stared at my wide-eyed, pale as snow, with panic. (If you don't know, Harry has a snake-phobia.)

   "TRUTH, TRUTH, TRUTH!!!" Harry started screaming, leaving me deaf. Serves him for choosing dare! The other boys were cracking up and Niall even fell off his seat!

   "You have to do it mate. You chose dare!" Zayn said with his beautiful accent.

   "No, its okay. If you wanna, you can pick truth. How many girls have you slept with?". Harry just looked at me with those 'I'm gonna kill you' eyes.

   "Can't I just have a shot of tequila and go to the next person!". I laughed but I swear he was serious.

   "No you can't."

   "I'll carry the snake!" Harry shouted, making me deaf for the second time. The snake trainer went over to a crate where we were keeping the snakes and opened it. Harry looked inside and immediately squealed like one of his own fan girls except with terror. The guys and I laughed so much and then got ourselves back together.  I will admit I was a little scared of snakes but if there was a trainer there then they would help me and done. 

   "Okay Harry. You are gonna be fine. The snake is well-trained and doesn't bite. Okay?" said the trainer.

   " And even if it does, it's not poisonous." I said knowing it would freak Harry out.

   "Yeah, its no biggy. Just hold the snake and don't let it smell fear 'cause they do bite for that." Zayn said trying to hold in laughter. I saw Harry tense up and I immediately tried to cal him down.

   "Harry it's only one minute, okay?" I said in concern and he just nodded. The trainer started putting the snake around Harry's arms and Harry winced quietly but enough to hear him.

   "Harry, open your eyes." I told him. Everyone was doing their best to try and hold back their laughter. He slowly opened his eyes.

   "AHHHHHH!!! Are you kidding me?" We all started cracking up.

*************HARRY'S POV*****************

  I was freaking out as they were laughing at me. I was freaking out as they were trying to convince me it wasn't a big deal. I was freaking out as they were putting the snake on me. I was freaking out as I was convinced of opening my eyes. Point is, I was freaking out! I felt the snake on my skin and I winced ever so slightly.

   "Harry, open your eyes." said Yaris. She was so beautiful and fun and for some reason, even though I had just me her, I trusted her, though she was the one who put me in this position in the first place. Should I open my eyes or should I just wait for the minute to pass.Everyone was giggling and I wanted to know why. Should I wait? No, I had to show everyone that I was brave, especially Yaris. I, extremely slowly, opened my eyes and screamed. Then I realized why I was screaming and how I shouldn't be. Everyone was laughing on the floor about to probably loose breath of so much laughter.

   "Are you guys kidding me?" I asked them though through the laughter I doubt anyone heard me. I lifted the snake from my shoulders...........

   "A rubber snake, REALLY?!?!?!?!" I tried to get their attention but it was a lost cause. I wouldn't live this one up for a while. They finally stopped laughing and now it was Liam's turn.

************YARIS' POV*************

   "Now it's Liam's turn. Truth or dare?" I asked Liam nonchalantly.

   "Truth. I'm not gonna be as stupid as Harry." he said laughing a little. Harry looked over to him while everyone was giggling.

   "Thanks mate!"

   "No problem mate! Anytime!"

   "Okay, Liam, at what age did you become scared of spoons and why?". Liam chuckles a little.

   "I became scared of spoons when I was about nine or ten and I can honestly say I don't know why I afraid of them only at restaurants which is kinda funny!".

***************Liam's POV********************

   All I have to say is that I'm afraid of s-s-s-poons and that's it. Nothing else. Calm down. It's not the end of the world. I can breathe. I'm okay! I'm not okay! There's a spoon chasing after me! It's gonna get me! It's the end of the world! I'm gonna miss everyone! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

**************YARIS POV*******************

   "Zayn, truth or dare?"

   "I'm gonna be bloody risky and choose dare!"

   "Okay, the fans are daring you to swim in the dark!" I looked at my assistant and she smiled. I looked over at Zayn and he seemed frozen. 

   "O-o-o-okay..." we walked over to a room with a mini swimming pool and then turned the lights off. I was in the same room with the camera man and his night-vision camera. Zayn was terrified but he only had to stay for five minutes. He was only in his boxers which made it better! 

5 minutes later.....

   "Get me outta here!!!" Zayn started screaming. BEEP! BEEP! The alarm sounded for him to get out and I heard him jump outta the water. I rushed over to give him the towel and he grabbed it. But then he just had to slip and of course fall on top of me whilst wet. His breathe was near my lips. I could feel every part of him against my body. His chest pressing up against my breasts. His arms hooked on my hips. I felt him squeeze my hips and I sighed involuntarily and I knew he had heard me. I could feel his eyes on me and his breaths getting sharper. He was leaning in, I could feel it. His mouth was getting closer to mine. His soft lips were about to touch mine........

HA! I left you wondering!!!!!!! If you wanna know if they kiss or not, like and favorite my story!!!! Love you my beauties! Sorry I took soooooo long to update by the way!

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