A writer interviews One Direction and falls in love but no before someone else falls first! Who will she be in love with??? Who loves her???


2. Meeting the Boys

   I woke up to my alarm playing 'More Than This' and remembered today was the interview! I jumped off my bed and tripped over my shoes. Fail. I went to take a shower using cocoa butter scented shampoo and conditioner and Dove soap. I was looking through my closet wondering what I could wear. I picked out a shirt that had the Irish flag on it and it said I love Ireland along with green jeans. I put on some orange converse and grabbed an orange purse and I was ready to go. 

   I arrived at my magazine's building and went to my office before I went to the interview room and was informed that One Direction had arrived! I just said okay and acted neutral but inside I was exploding of joy! I quickly rounded up everything I needed for the interview and fast walked to the interview room. As I was walking I could hear laughter in one of the rooms and started wondering who was laughing. I found out very quickly as I walked in to the interview room. There they all were, running around, poking each other and laughing hysterically.They were so amazingly, astonishingly beautiful. Then, Louis noticed me and straightened up and once Louis did that, they all did. We all stood there looking at each other, smiling. Then one of the boys broke the silence by saying "Hi! I'm Zayn. Nice to meet you! You must be our interviewer." I just nodded. He had deep, dark brown eyes and a smile that could light up the whole room. His hair was so beautiful too with the blonde streaks. He was wearing a white collared shirt with a leather jacket on top and black jeans. The next thing I heard was "Hey. I'm Liam!". I looked over and saw his mesmerizing dark brown eyes along with a sexy grin that I knew were making me blush! He was wearing a gray t-shirt and gray jeans. "Hello love! I'm Harry" one of the boys said with a strong, British voice and then winked at me. He had light brown, curly hair and hypnotizing green eyes. He was wearing a white v-crew shirt and black jeans. Did he just wink at me and call me love!? I knew I was blushing even more! "Hey! I'm Louis!" I turned to see an goofy guy wearing a white t-shirt with thin blue stripes on it and red jeans with red suspenders and black vans. He was smiling at me. God, I bet I look like a pink marshmallow peep! And, of course, last but never least "Hi! I'm Niall! I love your shirt!".I suddenly remembered what I was wearing and blushed. He had such BEAUTIFUL blue eyes and blonde hair! Wow! He was wearing a blue, plaid, long-sleeved shirt and gray jeans. He looked me in the eyes and smiled. I smiled back. I can assure you I was as red as a strawberry by now!

   "Hi. I'm Yaris. I am your interviewer and thank you, Niall. Welcome and make yourselves at home!" I replied to their introductions trying to not go all fan girl. I was going to have to post this interview online as well as write it out for the magazine so it was a pretty big deal! "The interview will start in a few minutes." I was informed by the camera person. We all began to sit down and get comfortable. They were all trying to get the seat closest to me and began nudging each other. I slightly giggled and Niall ended up sitting nearest to me, next to him Harry, then Zayn, Liam, and Louis. The camera man started to count down. 5..4..3..2.....


   So what do you guys think? The interview will be in the next chapter and it's gonna be good! I will most likely update tonight if I don't have too much homework. Stupid teachers! If not, I'll update on Friday! TTYL my beauties (my new nickname for you guys)!

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