A writer interviews One Direction and falls in love but no before someone else falls first! Who will she be in love with??? Who loves her???


3. Almost :*

"Hello France! This is Paris Magazine With One Direction!!"

"Hi! I'm Niall!"

"Hello loves! I'm Harry"

"Vas happenin? I'm Zayn!"

"Hey! I'm Louis and I'm married to carrots!"

"Hi! I'm Liam!"

"And we're One Direction!" they all said in unison.

They were all obviously pros at this and had done this many times. I was about to speak when I saw Niall looking at me and smiling. I smiled back and then he winked at me. From that moment on I knew all this interview was gonna be was me looking like a marshmallow peep. The camera had of course seen that cuz then the camera man shot a look at me and I went on with what I was gonna say.

"The boys will be answering questions sent in by you guys, the fans, as well as playing a game of truth or dare!"

All of the sudden they all turned their heads towards me with confused, as well as crazed, looks. I simply smiled and kept talking thinking how fun this was gonna be!

"So are you guys ready?"

"Lets do it!" they all, once again, said in unison.

"Great! Okay, first question asks what is the thing you all admire the most about each other? Lets start with Harry."

"I admire Harry's confidence with the ladies" admitted Liam. 

"I agree to that!" said Louis.

"I admire Harry's dimples." said Zayn. 

I saw Harry's dimples and said "Fair point."

Harry looked at me, obviously blushing a little, and winked. I was about to faint when Niall said something.

"I admire Harry's curls." 

"Now Liam!"

"I admire Liam's six pack!" Zayn shot out and we all immediately turned to look at him and then laughed. You could see him faintly blushing.

"I admire that at the start of the band Liam was the mature guy and now we have corrupted him!" Louis explained with the evil grin only villains give. (Hint, hint. Jk).

After a moment of awkward silence Niall said "I admire that Liam is wearing a blue t-shirt with Burberry patch on it."

"I admire Liam's sensibleness" said Harry but we all knew it was a lie.

"Okay, Zayn."

"I admire Zayn's mischievousness." Louis said as he plotted an evil plan.

"I admire Zayn's quiff!" Liam said.

"I admire Zayn's big toe." Harry said. I stared at him for a couple of seconds and moved on.

"I admire Zayn's earlobes." said Niall.

I looked at them like they were crazy and they started randomly laughing and it was contagious.

Then Harry pushed Niall of his seat and Niall fell on the floor with a big thump. I got up to help him but instead tripped and landed on top of Niall. Everyone stopped laughing and I could feel all eyes on us. Niall smiled into my eyes and I couldn't help but smile back. His eyes looked so beautiful up close. The deepest sea blue I had ever seen. His lips looked gentle and soft. I began to lean in when Liam began coughing and brought me back to reality. I quickly got up and went back to the interview. We finished the question and did a couple more questions and then it was time for Truth or Dare!

***********Niall's POV***********

We were all laughing hysterically and then Harry pushed me off my seat and I fell on the floor. Ow, that really hurt. Anyways, Yaris saw I was on the floor and looked like she was coming to help me up. How sweet of her! She was very nice. Anyways, she was coming over when she tripped over a chord and landed on top of me. She looked surprised and I tried to calm her down by smiling into her eyes. It worked! She smiled back! Everyone by now was staring at us but I didn't care. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of brown and they were looking at me so wonderfully. Her lips seemed soft but I need to confirm my thoughts. All of the sudden, she began to lean in and I was ready for her but of course Liam had to interrupt us by coughing. I was gonna kill him later. She then got up and continued the interview. 

********************************************************************************I'm gonna have to do the truth and dare part in the next chapter. The truth and dare game is gonna be interesting. What do you guys think? Thanks my beauties! Hope to update soon!

<3 Mrs.Horan <3

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