A writer interviews One Direction and falls in love but no before someone else falls first! Who will she be in love with??? Who loves her???


1. New Start

   My name is Yaris and I'm a writer for a magazine. I know what you may be thinking- what an unusual name- well, it's been like that my whole life and you learn to live with it. I am 18 years old and I live in Paris. Yes, the fashion-central of the world, the city of love, the city of lights, ect. It's not half bad having a cafe in every corner and knowing what's new in fashion.

   I have long, brown hair with red streaks and purple tips. I have tanned skin, brown eyes, and a red heart tattoo on my left hip. Not really all that special but oh well. Anyways, I absolutely LOVE writing and I let my feelings out with it sort of like singers do with their songs. For example, One Direction has beautiful songs, in my opinion, where they just state what the see and what they know. Little Things has to be my favorite one! Everything it says is true about how girls hate things like their voice or their stomach and how they should be skinnier and lose weight. Well, I'm gonna be talking to One Direction about this in an interview I'm doing for the magazine I work for! I just have to love my job!

   You have to know something though. Someday I will become Mrs.Niall Horan! I just love his laugh and his voice! He has an amazing personality! And his EYES!!! Wow, those beautiful, deep, blue sea eyes. I have always wondered what his eyes look like up close and I will know soon!!!!!! I think everyone in the band is pretty amazing! Louis and his comedy. Zayn and his hair, Harry and his flirting, and Liam and his gentleness!  

  As I said, I live in Paris, France. I just started renting a small apartment in central Paris. It's nothing big. It has one bedroom, one bathroom, a small kitchen, a living room and dining area. Pretty basic for what I need, so it works. I moved out of my old home because my parents are going through a divorce so I don't wanna choose sides. I knew they were having problems but I never thought it would get this far. They did fight from time to time about money and how they never spent time as a family anymore. I think they are both being ridiculous because my dad just lost his job and he has been going to interviews to see if he can get a job and my mom works 24/7 because of my dad not having a job. I got my job when I turned 18, so about 10 months! Wow, its been a long time already! I can't wait to meet One Direction! 


   So, what do you guys think about it so far? Sorry it was so short but the next chapter will be better!

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