She's Not Afraid

When you live in a world filled with flesh eating zombies, there's no time for romance, there's just surviving. My name is Zoey Bolger, im 16 and i have been surviving on my own during the zombie Apocalypse for 2 years. I've watched my closest friends and my own family get ripped apart and devoured by walkers. i traveled all the way from the east coast of the US to London, England on my own when i stumbled upon a small group of 5 other survivors who are still clueless to the situation. What the hell am i gonna do with these five idiots?


1. Walkers and Survivors.

     I limped down the first hall of the hotel as their moans and groans were getting closer, louder. i inhaled deeply and turned the corner. I was almost out of ammo now, i have to make every shot count. With amazing precision, I shot the three walkers right in the brain, the only way to kill a zombie. I listened to my surroundings to make sure no more walkers were coming, there was only silence. i continued down the hall with a steady jog, holding both my pistols. i heard the shuffling of heavy feet as i came to the split of the hall. i leaned against the wall and checked my ammo count. three bullets in each. i took a deep breath and turned the corner fast, pointing my guns. to my surprise, the walkers i had expected to see werent walkers at all, they were survivors, like me. there were five of them.they were tall and handsome,  a pretty site to my eyes, and these eyes of mine have seen many disturbing things.

 "Don't...shoot!" the one with the most hair i have ever seen on a guy before shouted, rather slowly, putting his hands in front of him. i put my arms down by my side

"what are you guys doing here? Are there more of you?" i asked as i looked behind to make sure there weren't any walkers.

"No just us" the blonde one said, his accent was irish, not british like the other one

"your leg is bleeding.. were you bit?" the brown eyed boy said.

 i looked down to my wound, the cloth i had tied around it was stained with blood. "we need to go now.." i said as i looked around us again and ignored his question.  

"well take you to our room, its safe there." the tattooed british one said as he and the others turned down the hall. i looked behind me one last time before following them to their room.

     we made it there safely. it surprised me because i could barely make it up to the fourth floor without gettingover run by hoards they opened the door with their room key and then we filed in quickly. the shut the door and it clicked signifying that it had locked. i threw my weapons and backpack onto the floor and sat down beside them. i untied the bloodstained cloth from the wound on my leg and winced at the bloody sight.. the men looked at me with wide eyes.

"were you bit? please dont tell me you were bit". the blonde one asked as he knelt behind me and took a look at my wound.

i shook my head. "its a stab wound..i got caught up with some thieves, they stole almost everything, my guns my ammo, my food. i havent eaten in anout 3 days.." i said as i grabbed the disinfectant out of my bag and cleaned my cut.

"whats your name? how old are you? where are you from?" he asked looking at me with curiosity beaming from his bright blue eyes.

  "You ask a lot of questions." i kept my attention to my wound.

"let the girl settle Niall..." The hairy one said as he laid down in one of the mattresses that were laid on the floor. the room was very big, an expensive one at that.

"no its fine.. im just not use to social interactions, i haven't been around others for a while." i chuckled as i kept my eyes to my wound.

"my name's Zoey, im 16 now,  i think, i kind of lost track of time.  i traveled here all the way from America." i explained as i finally made eye contact with the blue eyed Irish blondie who aparantly was called Niall.  he smiled at me. "all the way from the states? how did you end up here in london?"  he continued.

"i traveled by boat, there were rumors of a survival camp in  Manchester.i came with my dad, he was an army general...taught me everything i know.." i turned away and looked to the ground as the heavy feeling of sorrow overcame me yet again. "he uh..he got bit on the boat, somehow an infected person made it on board and turned. my dad got bit when he was trying to protect me. i had to put them both down." i sighed holding back tears. i shook the tears away and returned to mending my gash.

niall placed his hand on my shoulder and the room grew silent. "im so sorry zoey.." he said.

the tall dark haired tattooed boy placed a sandwich beside me. "here have this..oh im Zayn by the way." he smiled.

i flashed him back a smile. a taller, older looking one walked to my side. "i think that needs stitches... if you want i could stich that up for you" he offered.

niall laughed. "louis... just because your mother was a nurse, it doesn't make you a doctor." he joked. louis rolled his eyes.

"uh thanks louis, but i got this." i replied as i took out a needle and thread from my bag. "do you guys have any sterilizers?" i asked looking up at them.  they shook their heads. "  about alcohol?" i asked.

"'i think so.. liam do you stll have those little mini bottles of vodka?" louis asked the brown eyed boy. liam nodded and tossed me one. i caught it and dipped the needle inside. 

    as i sewed up my cut, the 5 men watched me intently cringing each time i poked the needle into my skin. i just let out a soft laugh each time they cringed. i tied up the end of the stiches and then stood up. with my sandwich that zayn had made me. "so anymore questions?" i asked before i took a bite.

"Yeah," The hairy one said lookin towards me "How did you survive all this time by yourself?"

I swallowed "I know how to take care of myself, and My sister...Alex...she's here In London, she and i got split up when our little camp got over run. I'm trying to find her." I explained.

Harry nodded and looked back down to the ground. He himself knew that the chances that Alex was still alive were slim, but he decided to keep that to himself.

 I shrugged. " Well it's nice to finally be around some other people for a change." I chuckled. "I never got ur name.." I said as I looked to the hairy boy.

He laughed "I'm harry" he replied.

 "wow i should have known that"

"why's that?" harry asked.

"well i mean you've got a lot of hair." i explained

harry laughed a bit and shook his head.

i giggled and then picked up my bag, slinging it over my shoulder i smiled and walked towards the door. "well thanks for the hospitality but i have to go find my sister." i said as i reached for the nob.

"woah hold on a second.. you're not going out there alone!" Zayn said as he blocked my path. 

""i've been out there alone for almost two years..." i replied blankly. 

"yeah and look whats happened to you!" he said gesturing to my stitched up wound.

i rolled my eyes. "look kid, im fine. my sister needs me and i need to go find her. i know shes out there... nothing you say or do will make me stay here in this room for another minute. I dont need you telling me what the fuck to do. you're wasting your breath and time" i asserted. as i pushed him out of the way. he grabbed my shoulder.

"at least let us come with you.." he insisted. the other boys tensed up. they didnt want to leave the safety of their hotel room. 

i shook my head. "you'd only slow me down." i replied as i shrugged him off. 

"at least just stay the night... its getting dark.." he pleaded. 

i sighed. "if it shuts you up then fine. but just tonight. im leaving right in the morning." i huffed as i threw my bag down. he was right though. it was too dangerous to travel at night. Zayn flashed me a smile and looked deep into my eyes.

his smile sent an unfamiliar wave of tingles throughout me. i broke the stare and turned away. the boys each sat on a bed. each one was taken. i walked over to the couch but zayn jumped up to stop me.

" uh you probably shouldnt sleep on that... walkers we all over it when we first arrived....its unsanitary... just take my bed." he insisted.

i shook my head. "i dont need a bed.. ill just take the floor." i replied.

"no no no just sleep in my bed with me i promise i wont make you uncomfortable.."  

i considered  my options. i could either sleep in a nice warm bed with a sexy man or i could sleep on the cold hard floor alone.

"fine what ever..." i sighed as i pulled of my sweatshirts and kicked off my boots. i took my long brown hair out of my ponytail and it flowed past my shoulder with soft curls before getting into the bed.

Zayn's POV

this is perfect, a have  a hot lady sleeping in my bed tonight. i cant tell you how long its been since ive seen a woman, well thats alive.. i slipped off my shoes and jacket and everything else until i was in only my boxers. i slipped into bed and pulled the covers over me. we were close together. all the others had fallen asleep now, the room was dark. i stared at the back of her head as she was turned the other way. after a few minutes of lying there she turned towards me in bed with a smile.

" i havent been in a warm bed in such a long ttime." she whispered as she held the comforter close to her chin.

i smiled and laughed softy. "well i havent seen a hot girl lke you in such a long time." i whispered in reply. damn, did i really just say that?

Zoey let out a quiet laugh. "touche my love touche." she replied, her tone still hushed. she looked into my eyes and i looked into hers. she looked as if she wanted to say something more,

"so um tell me why you dont have a shirt on tough guy?" she asked with a smile. i laughed this time.

"well i dont usually sleep with all my clothes on." i said still gazing into her blue eyes.

"neither do i" she whispered with a smile as she slipped off her pants.

i smiled knowingly and pulled her close. she smiled at me as she lay on top of me with her legs on either side. i leaned in and kissed her softly. she kissed me back and it felt so good. i hadnt done this for a while and from the amazing way she was kissing me, i could tell she she hadnt either. Zoey brushed her fingers through my hair as she kissed me passionately.i slid my hand lower as i kissed her faster. damn this felt so good. she made a trail of kisses to my neck. i threw my head back in overwhelming pleasure. she made it feel so good, she knew what she was doing. i moved my hands to her hair and brushed my fingers through it. i wouldnt let it go too far, that would be too risky without protection. 

The sound of growls and groans from out side of the door grew louder. Zoey continued to touch and kiss me. i pulled away as the sound grew louder.

Zoey looked from me to the door. "they cant get in..." she whispered looking back down to me. "

maybe we should end it there.." i suggested as i held her hips. i didnt want to go to far, i mean what if she got pregnant or something.. that wouldn't be good. 

She sighed and rolled of of me. walkers began to scratch at the door. "I should have never shot those bullets. i could have gotten them with my knife. Now they are all coming here. would have saved me some ammo too." she groaned.

"well they cant get in so we will be alright." i replied trying to calm her down. Zoey stood up and slipped on her pants. she limped over to her bag and grabbed her knife. 

"what are you doing? just leave them be.. we are fine." i said sitting up quickly. 

"Its annoying i dont want to hear their ignorant groans and scratching." Zoey walked to the door and flung it open. four zombies lunged at her and she stabbed them in the forehead and kicked their limp bodies out of the room. she shut the door and waited for the click before throwing her now bloody knife to the floor. she looked down to her stained red hands. her face gave off no expression. she wiped her hands on the couch and then slipped back into bed with her back to me. the rest of the night was silent as i thought to myself.

"Who is this girl?"

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