She's Not Afraid

When you live in a world filled with flesh eating zombies, there's no time for romance, there's just surviving. My name is Zoey Bolger, im 16 and i have been surviving on my own during the zombie Apocalypse for 2 years. I've watched my closest friends and my own family get ripped apart and devoured by walkers. i traveled all the way from the east coast of the US to London, England on my own when i stumbled upon a small group of 5 other survivors who are still clueless to the situation. What the hell am i gonna do with these five idiots?


4. Resting In Peace

     Niall's POV

Death is a scary thing, It's what i fear the most. Walking beside them is just a nightmare for me. I almost died today. It's crazy how fast something could just end so quickly, without any warning. I swear i saw my life pass by my very own eyes. I saw the stage, i heard the music, but I was alone. Nobody there to hold me, nobody there to love. Sure i was loved by many girls, But i just needed the right one. And she saved my life, not once, but twice. She went against everything she said and turned around to save me. My heart was beating so fast, maybe it was just because i was scared of being eaten alive by the dead, but i thought maybe it was because of her. Now, as i was brutally awaken, this beauty was the first thing i saw when i opened my eyes. She hovered over me, her hand had been printed red on my face. Was I in love? 

"Ow" I rubbed the cheek Zoey had slapped "Why the hell did you do that?" i asked.

She didn't answer, Zayn answered for her. "Because somebody wanted a free ride on my girl so he didnt have to walk three more steps"

Everybody looked at him, i gave him a look of disgust. 'My girl?' what the fuck was that supposed to mean? thats some ignorant bullshit right there.

     Zoey shook her head and walked out of the room. Everybody looked at zayn again. He chuckled. "What? I was just.. joking..."  We all shook our heads. 

     As the night went on we all slept in the same room. I had eaten some food and drank some water. We all had eaten. Zoey slept in the corner alone. I wouldn't blame her though. She's the only girl in a group of boys. She doesn't want to be owned by us, she doesn't even want to be with us. She was use to be alone. Thats how she felt most comfortable... Alone.



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