She's Not Afraid

When you live in a world filled with flesh eating zombies, there's no time for romance, there's just surviving. My name is Zoey Bolger, im 16 and i have been surviving on my own during the zombie Apocalypse for 2 years. I've watched my closest friends and my own family get ripped apart and devoured by walkers. i traveled all the way from the east coast of the US to London, England on my own when i stumbled upon a small group of 5 other survivors who are still clueless to the situation. What the hell am i gonna do with these five idiots?


6. Man Down

Niall's POV

    It didn't take much to calm her down. I just told her that we would stagger a few paces behind her and promised we wouldn't be any trouble. I told her I would help her find her sister. She let us continue on as a group.

    We followed her as she led the way. She did not have a map with her but walked as if she new exactly where she was going. She was different. Maybe this whole experience has changed her. I feel as though she had lost most of her humanity in order to keep herself alive. It was almost like she was a walker of a different kind. The way she walked around aimlessly, and did things without thinking them through first. She acted on instinct and did only what was necessary to survive. She was just a bundle of oddities and inexplicable qualities. Zoey is odd.

     We continued down the back streets. Zoey came to a stop and put her hand out meaning for us to do the same. We froze in our place and listened to the silence. We heard the growls and moans, zombies. Zoey turned to us and placed a finger about her lips. We nodded and held our silence. our footsteps were as silent as us. We were practically on or toes tip-toeing our way down the crowded road. 

    I was hungry, so terrible hungry. Now was the worst possible time, my stomach growled. Almost instantly the walkers began to chase us. Together we ran as fast as we could fighting off all those that grab a hold of us or got too close. 

    Liam got separated from us. He was instantly surrounded and brought down. His screams were violent. We could hear the tearing of his flesh and the agony in his pleas. Zoey tried to save him, but by the time she got to him it was too late. All that was left was the tattered remains of his torso. Louis threw up disgusted at the sight. She knelt beside him and shot him in he center of his head before getting back up and clearing the rest of the remaining walkers out. We all gathered around poor Liam. I almost choked on all of my tears. now there was only 4 of us. 

     We will never be the same again.


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