She's Not Afraid

When you live in a world filled with flesh eating zombies, there's no time for romance, there's just surviving. My name is Zoey Bolger, im 16 and i have been surviving on my own during the zombie Apocalypse for 2 years. I've watched my closest friends and my own family get ripped apart and devoured by walkers. i traveled all the way from the east coast of the US to London, England on my own when i stumbled upon a small group of 5 other survivors who are still clueless to the situation. What the hell am i gonna do with these five idiots?


2. Immune

   Zoey's Point of View

    I awoke the next morning before anyone else had. I slipped out of bed silently and dressed myself quickly. I tied up my laces tight and put my long dark hair up into its usual ponytail. I swung my bag over my should and picked up my knife and guns. I left the room silently and walked quickly down the fall walkers were spread about the halls limping and groaning. They all turned their heads to my as I by them in the long never ending hall. I shanked each and everyone of them, I didn't need a parade of them following me. As I pulled my knife out of the head of a walker, The sound of Zayn's voice calling my name caught my attention. I turned to see him running towards me. I groaned. "Can't he just leave me be?" I muttered to myself.

     He was a little ways up the hall, a few yards away from me when he stopped dead in his tracks pointing to me. His eyes were wide with fear. I shot him an odd look. "What's your prob," That when it bit me. Pain coursed through my shoulder and traveled throughout my body. The walker bit off a chunk of my skin. I let out a blood curdling scream. My body tensed as adrenaline flowed through my veins. I turned around on my heels and tore its head off with my bare hands. My breathing became heavy, I threw the head to the ground as its limp body fell to the floor. I looked to my shoulder, blood was gushing from the bite. The pain was nonexistent as of now. My shoulder only felt numb. Zayn ran up to me.

"Holy Shit Zoey!" he screeched.

    I turned to him and remained silent, my expression was blank. I felt nothing, I felt fine. I knew it was just a matter of time before the venom would spread and the fever started. I knew that this was it for me, I'd never find my sister, I let her down. Zayn did this. If he hadn't distracted me, if I had never stayed the night, If I had just left like I wanted to last night, none of this would have happened, I would probably be with her right now.

     Zayn picked me up and carried me all the way back to the room. The other looked at him in shock. 

"Quick! Louis! grab me something to wrap around this!" he shouted. Louis dashed into the bathroom and fumbled through the first aid kit.

"What the hell Zayn! She's infected! Get her the Fuck out of here! Are you crazy!" Harry Shouted.

Zayn ignored Harry's demands and applied pressure to my shoulder with his hands. "Louis! Quick she's loosing a lot of blood!"

Louis ran out and handed Zayn a roll of bandages. He looked at me with his eyes reading off fear and anxiety. Zayn wrapped up my still bleeding shoulder tightly. He began to tear up as if he was about to lose someone he actually cared and loved for. I pushed him away and sat up.

"I'm fine, stop." I said as I sat up as my arm began to tingle.

"Don't tell me you're fine after you just got bit by a goddamned walker!" Zayn exclaimed. He stepped back towards me.

I tood up and grabbed my things again. "I said I am fine and that's the truth. I would probably be even better if you just left me alone and let me leave." I slung my straps onto my shoulders and pulled my knife out of my boot. I put my guns in my pockets and started back for the door. "I am going to leave now. And if any of you try to stop me, I will kill you. If you follow me, I will kill you. Do you understand?" I looked directly at Zayn.

"Let us come with you please. We can't stay here any longer anyways, the building is covered with Walkers." Zayns pleaded.

"It won't do you guys any good following me, I was bit! I'm going to phase."

"Zayn's right, we can't stay here any longer." Niall agreed. 

"Guys! She's been bit! Do you have no common sense!" Harry exclaimed.

I stood by the door. I felt nothing out of the ordinary, which was quite odd. When my father was bit, the change was almost instant. Why is it taking so long for me?

"We can put her down when she does! We need an escort out of here anyway!" Liam added.

Harry looked to me. "Can we follow you out?" he asked reluctantly.

I hesitated for a moment. "We have to leave now. I don't know how much time I have left. Grab only what you really need like food, water, and weapons. And if i were you I'd wear something bite proof like boots and leather. Now hurry! I don't have much time!"

     The boys scrambled around the room. They changed and packed supplies into their back packs. I rocked impatiently back and forth as I stood by the door. It took about three minutes before we left the room. i lead the way silently and we made our way down the halls of the hotel. We left through the kitchen, killing only the walkers that stood a threat to us.

     The alley way behind the hotel was relatively empty, just a few walkers here and their. I turned to them and spoke in a hushed tone. "The streets are Filled with walkers. If we stay silent, we can go undetected. The slightest noise could cause us to be compremised. Walk slow and If you stray from the group, you're a goner. So stay close. be as silent as possible and try not to cause a scene. Kill only what has to be killed. Any mistake any of you make could kill all of us."

The boy's faces immeadiately read off fear. They nodded and remained silent. I turned and opened the gate to the city streets of London. Zombies filled the streets moaning and groaning. We kept close and walked slowly towards the city limits.


Harry's Point of View

     I haven't been outside the hotel since this whole Zombie Apocolypse thing started, so this was quite frightening for me. I examined each walker as we passed by. Each one was different, some were missing limbs and others were pretty normal looking. Their flesh was brown and rotting. Flies swarmed around them. The scenery was a lot to take in. I could picture the panic from when it all began. The cars were abandoned and scattered along the middle if the streets. I couldn't believe that this was once a tourist attraction. London's former beauty was nothing but a faded memory to me now.

   We turned down the next street. This road was packed with walkers. Zoey Turned to us as if to check if we were all stil there. We continued down the main road manuvering around walkers. A thought occured to me then and there. How has she not phased yet? When Gemma, my older sister was bit, her transformation was instant. It started with an extremely high fever, then Gemma started twitching and screaming in pain. Moments later her body went limp and she bleed out, only to come back to life seconds later. I knew for certain that the transformation was not different for everyone because the same things happened to everyone else that I watched turn. Everyone except for Zoey. I began to question myself as to who this girl we handed our lives to really was.

   We stayed together as we walked down the streets of London. The sky was beginning to get darker as the day was comming to an end. We could see the city limits not to far ahead. All was going well until a car alarm went off a right next to us. A walker had bumped the car as it walked by. The Zombies stopped walking and turned their heads to us.

"Run!" Zoey commanded as she slaughtered the oncomming walkers.

     We all ran together as the hoard chased us. I was frightend, never before had I been in this kind of situation. One grabbed Niall and pulled him to the ground. Zoey broke her own rule, she stopped running with us and ripped the walker off of him. She twisted off its head and threw it aside before pulling Niall back up to his feet. They both caught up to us and we all ran. The walkers groaned and moaned making terrible demon like sounds. I pulled out my handgun and shot the walkers that were gaining up on us.

     By the time we made it the the city limits I had run completely out of bullets. We climbed over the fences and fell to our knees. We were all out of breath. I watched as the walkers pressed themselves against the fence and reached their arms through. This was insane. Is this what our world has become?

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