She's Not Afraid

When you live in a world filled with flesh eating zombies, there's no time for romance, there's just surviving. My name is Zoey Bolger, im 16 and i have been surviving on my own during the zombie Apocalypse for 2 years. I've watched my closest friends and my own family get ripped apart and devoured by walkers. i traveled all the way from the east coast of the US to London, England on my own when i stumbled upon a small group of 5 other survivors who are still clueless to the situation. What the hell am i gonna do with these five idiots?


7. Destination

Harry's POV

     We traveled in silence, each of us mourning over the loss of a close friend. Zoey said nothing as well, but not in respect for Liam, just because she was naturally quiet. We reached the abandoned safe zone after hours of on-foot travel. There was no living thing in sight beyond the fenced off region. It had been over run some time ago. Zoey's face grew red with anger, she held in her rage knowing that throwing a tantrum would only attract the walkers' attention. She gripped the handle of her pistol tightly. 

     Gun shots were heard in the distance. Zoey's head shot up, she looked around as a smile formed on her lips. "Alex." She smiled wide and started to run towards the source of the sound. We folllowed her close behind. 

     As we entered, it was empty, their was no sign of life. No human life that is. There was blood trailing, fresh blood. We followed the trail to a room, the door was shut and the handle was bloody. Zoey kicked it open. There lay a girl, gun beside her hand, bullet through her head. A pool of blood surrounded her. Zoey fell to her knees, tears streamed down her cheeks as he looked over the girls body. She sobbed and pulled the cold body to her. 

     "Alex,you stupid bitch." she cried, hugging the body close and rocking slowly back and forth. 

     The boys and I watched her. This was one of the only emotion we've witnessed, besides anger of course. 


Niall's POV

     It broke my heart to see her cry, she never seemed to be so weak before, I thought she unable to cry. She is human after all. She has a weakness and it's been exposed. Zoey stood to her feet laying the body back down. She wiped her face clear of tears and turned to us with a sniffle. 

     "I'm sorry guys, we should go." She sniffled again. 

     I knew she was in no mental condition for travel. She needed to rest a bit first. 

     "How about we clear out a space and stay for the night." I suggested, holding my gun more relaxed. 

     Zoey nodded and picked up her weapons and the one's her sister had left beside her body. This time we led the way. We cleared out a small home and blocked off entrances and windows to assure us a safe night's sleep. Zoey stay in a room on her own as we worked on clearing the house. She was an emotional disaster. 

     Once we assured that the house was completely safe, from top to bottom, I made my way up to the room where Zoey cried. I knocked on the frame before entering, the door was no longer on its hinges. She looked up and dried her tears, she moved over on her mattress giving me room to sit. 

     "Hey." She said, her voice quivered.

     "Hey." I replied as I sat beside her and put my gun down on the floor. 

     She sniffled and pulled her sleeves over her blood-stained hands. "If I had only come here a day sooner." Tears fell leaving clean trails down her dirt filled face.

     "No, don't blame yourself, you did all that you could." I reassured her. She seemed so fragile now. 

     She shook her head. "I'm alone now. My family, my friends, everybody I loved and cared about, they are all gone."

     "Well that maybe true, but its like that for all of us. And you are not alone, you have me, you have all of us." I said looking down at her. 

     She looked up at me and then back down and leaned her head upon my shoulder. I could tell she needed somebody here for her, I wouldn't leave her side unless she wanted me to. I want to help her, I want her to be her old badass self again. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. 

     I comforted her.

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