She's Not Afraid

When you live in a world filled with flesh eating zombies, there's no time for romance, there's just surviving. My name is Zoey Bolger, im 16 and i have been surviving on my own during the zombie Apocalypse for 2 years. I've watched my closest friends and my own family get ripped apart and devoured by walkers. i traveled all the way from the east coast of the US to London, England on my own when i stumbled upon a small group of 5 other survivors who are still clueless to the situation. What the hell am i gonna do with these five idiots?


5. Back on the Road

Zayn's POV

     The next morning we started on our travels again. Zoey led the way walking a few paces ahead of us. She hadn't looked at me at all today. But then again she hadn't looked at anybody. We walked for what seemed like forever. The walkers hadn't bothered us much. Surprisingly there weren't many around. I guessed it was because we were using back roads and less traveled on streets. She led us to a small seemingly empty town. Zoey stopped and looked at us. She thought about whatever she was going to say before she spoke.

"I'm getting tired of having you guys follow me so I will give you two options. One being that you stay here and I continue on my own or two, I kill you all right here right now. Your choice."

    The boys and I exchanged looks with each other. "Wait, zoey, c'mon... You're joking right?"

    The look on her face told me she wasn't joking. She was serious. She gripped her gun tighter in her hand looking from one of us to another. "Well what's it going to be. Don't make me choose for you."

    Louis stepped forward. "I choose to stay with you whether you like it or not." Without hesitation zoey lifted her weapon and shot louis' foot. We all jumped. "FUCKING BLOODY CUNT! BITCH MOTHER FUCKER!" louis swore as he collapsed to the floor applying pressure to his wounded foot.

    We all gave zoey bewildered looks. She looked back at us as if she had not done anyhting wrong. "So what about you guys? What's your decision?"

     This time I stepped forward. We all knew that we wouldn't survive on our own anyways. There was nothing to loose. "Zoey please don't leave us. We need you.. I.. I need you."

    Zoey's expression filled with rage. she cocked her gun and held it to my head. "Who the Fuck do you think you are? This isn't some fucking fan fiction! I don't fucking like you zayn can you get that through your thick fucking skull?! We made out but it didn't mean shit to me. I don't love you, stop convincing yourself that I do. I Never have and I never will. Get a grip on the reality of all of this! The dead are walking among us! Get your head out of your ass and smell something besides your own shit for once! Look around you! The world's not the same anymore. It's live and kill or live and be killed. You and me will never be. I don't ever want there to be an 'us'. So leave me the fuck alone and get out of my fucking head because you're screwing with my mind and i can't keep letting you do that!" she shoved the tip of her gun harder. It was still hot from when she shot louis. But her words hurt more than any bullet she could shoot.

    I swallowed hard and backed away. Louis continued to wince in pain on the floor. with a reluctant roll of her eyes and a groan she tended to louis' wound and helped him back up to his feet.

     we all looked at her confused. what would her next move be? Niall tried his luck this time. He stepped forward and relaxed her arm that had held the gun she was pointing at us. she relaxed at his touch, which angered me a bit. I wanted to have that effect on her. Niall whispered something into her ear. No one heard what he said but whatever it was worked. She looked to the rest of us. 

    "If you complain or cause me any trouble I am killing you without hesitation. Lets go." She walked forward turning her back to us. Was that  it? 

    We followed her.

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