The Second House from the Right

There's this one house on my street, the second house from the right, that has had the For Sale Sign stuck into the ground more than 15 different times. The people who buy the house, always abandon it within only months of moving in. What happens inside the second house from the right?


2. The Morgans

about six months after the Dimaroes packed their bags and left their sorrows behind, a new family moved into the second house from the right. They were The Morgan family, they consisted of two middle aged parents a boy around my age at the time, 10, and a little girl named Haley. Haley had taken little Isabella's room and claimed it as hers. She and her family slept peacefully in their new home for 6 weeks. on the first night of the seventh week Haley awoke to the sound of a baby crying. at first she thought she was hearing things, but then as she was about to fall back asleep, she heard them again. only this time they were clearer. she called for her mom and dad, they came running into the room with worried looks on their faces. "you heard it too?" her mother asked. 

the rest of the nights were quiet. it wasnt until the last night of the 12th week they lived there did they awaken, disturbed in their sleep. Haley awoke from a strong tug of her blankets being pulled off of her. she first thought it was her brother. but he was no where in sight and she could hear his snores from across the hall she called for her parents again and they came running in. Haley explained her story and they said it was probably just part of her dream and that it might have just fallen off in her sleep. Haley sighed and fell back asleep.

on the last day of the 18th weeks that they lived there, things started getting scarier. things where misplaced and moved to placed they werent before, new light bulbs went out, and every night following the last night of the 18th week, the cries of little baby Isabella could be heard. finally after 3 months of enduring the haunt, they packed up their bags and left. 

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