The Second House from the Right

There's this one house on my street, the second house from the right, that has had the For Sale Sign stuck into the ground more than 15 different times. The people who buy the house, always abandon it within only months of moving in. What happens inside the second house from the right?


4. The Jacksons

Just this year, the Jacksons moved into the Second house from the right. they were another newly wed couple. they moved in last month. so far has been peacful for them. the house has remained silent, nothing paranormal  has happened. my guess is that Robert's death had avenged Isabella's death. i sometimes wish i hadnt gotten attached to robert. i tend to loose those who are closest to me. i thought of little isabella as my sister.. and then she died. last week something odd happened to me. i started to hear the cries of the dead baby. i cried with her, our sobs sounding sad and lost.

i sometimes think maybe i should go up there with him. maybe it should have been me instead. i'm sure i will be reunited with him one day seeing as though Isabella is now lurking around my house at night. sometimes i cut myself just to see how much it bleeds, its like a drug, the pain is such a sudden rush to me. it makes me numb. i forget about the world for a moment. only when i do this can i see Issy. she looks older now.. shes about six years older. cutest damn thing id ever seen. she touches my scars and heels them. its an odd thing i know.. but she shows me no harm at all. i thought i hated her, but really shes just an angel who couldnt find the light. a though occurred to me. there was no way this sweet lost angel could harm anyone. it must have been someone else.. another ghost perhaps..

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