The Second House from the Right

There's this one house on my street, the second house from the right, that has had the For Sale Sign stuck into the ground more than 15 different times. The people who buy the house, always abandon it within only months of moving in. What happens inside the second house from the right?


3. The Francarty Family

after the morgans left, the second house from the right remained empty for almost 3 years. my friends and i would go their late at night and listen to the sounds of the crying baby. each night we went, it sounded as if the cries would grow louder, almost like she was coming closer. one night after 2 years of emptiness, me and my friend garret were hanging out in Isabella's room, we were talking about projects and what not when suddenly the window shot open. i turned and glanced at it perplexed, i went to shut it and locked it tight. when i sat back down, it shot open again. this time, when i turned to look, i could have sworn i saw a face, the face of little isabella. we ran out of the house as fast as we could. never have we gone back again. then in September, when i was 13, the Francarty family moved in. They came all the way from Australia and consisted of a mother, father and their son. i watched as the movers brought the boxes inside with shame. they had no idea what horrors their new house contained. 

my parents became immeadiate friends with the Francarties. my parents had them over one day while i was at my friend Jessica's house. When i came home, my parents introduced me to them. "Kaylynn, this is Robert, he's Susan and Charles's son...hes actually around youre age! youll be going to school with him!" she exclaimed. i flashed Robert a smile and waved slightly. For the rest of the night i was forced to sit beside Robert and listened to the annoying accents of the strangers beside me.

robert and i walked to school together on the first day. it had been two weeks since they moved in. we walked silently for almost half of the way before he turned to me. "Is there a baby living in this community?"he asked. i tried to act like i didnt know what he was talking about, but i did. i shook my head no and kept walking. "really? because every night i can hear the sound of an infant's cry." he continued. i replied with a shrug and walked into school. 

on the sixth week of their residence, Robert awoke from the usual cries of the child who he was told did not exist. he groaned and shut his window, but the sound continued to grow louder and filled the space around him. robert looked around his room confused. he scratched his head and walked back to his bed. as he laid back down, his closet door creaked open slowly. he sat up and watched as the door opened wider. his heart began to beat faster as he got scared  he laughed at himself. he was too old tobe getting scared, there was a logical reason for this, but he was to tired to care or think he fell back asleep.

on the 12th week of living in the second house from the right, Robert became sleep deprived. He couldnt fall asleep to the nagging cries of the unknown child. we walked to school together like we did everyday, he began to speak, which we rarely ever did. "are you sure there's no child..." he asked. "not anymore" i replied blatantly. "what do you mean by that?" he asked . "4 years ago, there was a baby named isabella who died there." i replied not really knowing how to explain it to him any other way. he nodded his head and looked to the ground with a sad realization. it was the dead child he was hearing. 

after school, robert walked into his empty house, his parents were still at work. he sat at the table and began doing his homework when he heard the sound of a breaking plate in the kitchen. he got up and walked over slowly to the kitchen. he found a broken plate in the middle of the floor, but nobody was there. he searched the house for an intruder. he found his house to be completely empty, every door and window remained locked and untouched. from the living room he heard more dishes breaking in the kitchen. he ran over to see them flying out of the cabinets.  he watched with his eyes wide.  

that night he couldnt sleep because his fears kept him awake. the next morning Robert informed me about his encounter with the crashing plates. he told me he never wanted to go back into that house alone. he touched me when he said this. it made my body tingle oddly. i started to grow fond of Robert. i told him that maybe after school we could head over to the state park and hang out there till his parents came home from work. he gladly accepted my invitation. 

after school we walked straight to the park and walked along a path in the woods. he talked about himself and his home back in Sydney and I spoke about my classes at school. i asked him if he liked anyone, being my curious little self as always. he smiled down at me, he was a lot taller than i. he replied "sort of" and kept it at that. "how about you, whos the lucky guy you've got your eye on?" he asked me with a smile. i smiled back and shrugged, i was obvious...very obvious. he knew right away that it was himself that i liked. "well the girl i like has a very unusual name... well at least i think so.. its pretty though...." he smiled at me. now i knew he was just teasing me. "let me guess is it me?" i laughed. he nodded. "ding ding love" he laughed too. Robert stopped walking and looked down at me. i carried the gaze into his eyes. he smiled and leaned down to kiss me. i stood on my toes and kissed him back.

it was amazing really how you can be so happy just for a day and the next thing you know you're drowning in your own tears becuase the one you loved didnt wake up one morning. november 18th was the sadest day of my entire life. Robert was found dead in his bed. there was no sign of struggle or break in. he looked peacful, as if he were only sleeping. his death was unexplained and sorrowful.i cried for weeks. finally the francarty's moved out of the second house from the right and moved back to Sydney with their friends and family. I was never the same again. 

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