The Second House from the Right

There's this one house on my street, the second house from the right, that has had the For Sale Sign stuck into the ground more than 15 different times. The people who buy the house, always abandon it within only months of moving in. What happens inside the second house from the right?


1. The Dimaroes

The First family to live in the second house from the right was the Dimaroes. they were a newly wedded couple and it was their first house. Rachel and Harrison moved in around April of 2005, i was about 7 at the time. they were very nice neighbors, sweet in every way. once they even bought me a lemonade from the dels a little ways up the street. they loved me enough that they wanted their own kid. after about two years of living peacefully in their new home, Rachel had finally gotten pregnant. she gave birth nine months later to a healthy baby girl that they named Isabella. They brought her home from the hospital. she was like every other baby, she cried real late at night and woke her parents, but they didnt mind much at all because they loved their child with every bit of their hearts. After six weeks of living in her home, she died in her sleep. Rachel had gone on to check on isabella because she was being rather and quite unusally quiet only to find her once perfectly healthy baby girl dead, lying lifelessly in her crib. nobody understood why or how. it was a mystery to everyone. the Dimaroes were devastated. they moved out and nobody's heard from them since. they're story is a real sad one, i wonder if their baby's death brought them closer or split them apart.  i guess ill never know what happened to the poor Dimaroes. but as for their baby, well even after her unexpected death, she still awakens people with her cries late at night.

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