Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


5. Whats Wrong?

Ernesto's P.O.V.

It was sprinkling outside, it was the perfect weather for me. Thats when i lifted up my face and saw her. It was strange that girl will be walking alone in the what i will call rain wearing no sweater or long sleeve. I started walking up to her, i literally had no control over my feet. when I was talking distance I started to mumble. 

"hi-ii i-i'm Ernesto" i stuttered 

"Hi,i'm Danny" she whimpered

" What's wrong?" I asked her

" Its nothing, well at least now its nothing " she said

" ohh...umm its cold out side here why don't you come inside the church. I promise the people are nice." i said 

" haha that sounds nice " she giggled

" soo.. Danny is like your actual name?" i asked 

" i wish but its Daniella" she replied

thats when she finally looked up to me and i saw her beautiful face. The first thing i notice was her Grey eyes. Her eyes where beautiful and clear, she smiled and it was one of the sweetest smile i have seen. Her long black wavy layered hair that perfectly shape her head. 

As we walk in the church together the youth group all turn to me and then to her. I had no idea what was going through their heads at this point. All i knew was that i was that she took my breath away. 

" Ernesto whos this ?" Dave asked 

" this is Danny " I said 

" I think he meant who is she to you? " Josy asked 

" oh shes a friend" i said 

" HI, I'm Danny nice to meet you all. " she said 

" How old are you " Maria asked 

" I'm 16 " she said 

" cool what do you do for fun?" Eli asked 

" I play soccer " she said 

" finally another soccer fan whoo hoo " Eli scream 

we all just laughed at his reaction she had a cute laugh. This was the feeling i have been having this whole day. She just walk in to my life and im not going to loose her. 

~ End of Flashback ~ 

I remember one day when we where texting i was going to ask her out but i was scared and i told her I like Trina. I had no idea why i would say that but i did. I just hope i didnt jeopardize anything. thats why i love joking around with her we became best friends and well I'm in love with her. 

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