Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


17. We just Random

Josh P,O,V.

(Earlier in the morning) 

I didn't want to wake up today I just wanted to be asleep and have a lazy day in. But no my mother wouldn't let me have one day of laziness. Instead she decided to wake me up by throwing me off me bed. My own mother can you believe that, cause I can't. I had to wake up early because I'm coming out in my cousin Lizzy's XV, great I love my cousin but I don't like coming out in fifteens. I don't even know who my partner is, I just hope it's not one of her obnoxious slutty friends. I got ready to leave to her house which wasn't far but I decided to take my car. On the way there I was remembering the fun I had yesterday with Jade and the couple Ernie and Danny. Ok I may like Jade a little but I'm still unsure if I like like her. Yet she is still fun to be around she is like my girlfriend but not officially. When I got there I see Lizzy's friends are already there and I see someone familiar it's Melissa, Jade's little sister she was the only nice friend that my cousin had and I liked. Looking around I hope to see a guy my age but no all the guys coming out where younger than me. Stupid sophomores. 
"Josh you didn't bail on me" Lizzy yelled 
"I couldn't even if I wanted to, mom remember" I replied 
"Aunt Lisa loves me, sucks for you!" She replied 
" ya,ya so who's my partner, is she hot" I asked 
" Josh really, and one of my damas bailed on me like two minutes ago, so you will be dancing with one of my damas sisters who was dealing to dance with a jerk face like you" she said
"Ouch that hurt is she older than your friends?" I asked 
"Yeah she's in the same grade as you are" she replied 
"Nice I might know her, than" I said 
"Yup, haha she's on her way she will be here in five" she replied 
"Nice, than i'll just wait for her here than" I said 
"Heck no, get your ass up and get in there and help me get them all under control!" She yell at me 
"Fine." I said defeated 
A smile appear on her face, I just lightly push her and she punch me. Why do I have an abusive cousin. 
"Hey you're the one that taught me to fight my battles" she said 
" I said that a loud didn't I and hey can you blame me I was trying to take care of you. You are the closest I have to a little sister besides Danny." I said 
" I know but you know we both can take care of ourselves. Plus you know her true brother is Wesley." 
"True brother is Wesley ? " someone said 
I turn around to see Jade. Shit! She can't know anything no one can. 
"Nothing! What are you even doing here!" I yelled 
"Really Josh! Are you freakin serious right now yelling at me!! I'm here to help lizzy out ok. So shut the F' up and sorry for asking!! " she yelled back 
" Jade I'm sorry I didn't mean to scream at you." I said pleading 
"You never mean it Josh never. " she said pissed at me 
I'm sorr-" is all I got to say before she cut my off 
" don't apologize unless you mean it." She said 
"In truly sorry Jade, I honestly hate it when I upset you" I said 
She had small smile but went away fast I still wasn't off the hook but she accept my apology. 
"Aww you guys are such a cute couple" lizzy said instantly she blush and I can't say I didn't either. 
" we aren't a couple" Jade said 
"Um hmm sure, I believe you guys" lizzy said sarcastically 
"Lizzy" I said 
"Oh so you guys aren't official I get it so you guys are like friends with benefits or something like that. Cause I know he's very protective of you." Lizzy said 
What did I get my self into now 
"So josh and jade, wait this Jade !! " lizzy said 
"Huh?" Jade said 
"I finally get to meet the girl he won't shut up about!! I like you haha " lizzy said 
"Thanks I like you too" jade replied 
"So josh jade you are partners for my xv Kay Kay peace " lizzy and left 
"So Jade?" I said 
"I'm still pissed" she said 
"Anyway to make it up" I asked 
"Hmm" she thought 
"C'mon Jade, i'll do anything" I plead 
"Anything" she asked 
"Yes, just tell me" I answered 
"Ok so take me shopping and buy me Japanese food, I'm been craving some." She replied 
I laughed a little and she giggle 
"Deal after practice than" I said 
"Ok, punk" she said 
"I'm not a punk" I said 
"That's such a lie" she replied 
"Fine, I'm a punk!" I said 
"Yay, I win!!" She gloated 
Then we started with practice, we had to learn the waltz. It wasn't bad for the first practice but I kinda wanna to get out of here already. When we finish practice I grab Jade by the waist and pull her toward to me, she had a small blush on her face. 
"Hey" I said 
"Josh you are weird" she replied 
"I know" I reply 
"Are you sure you guys aren't dating?" Lizzy asked 
"I don't know we might be" I said 

Jade's P.O.V. 

"I don't know we might be" josh said 

I got to admit I was blushing but why I like Scott. But I think I like Josh too, am I crazy cause all we do is argue, but we still have our cute moments that make me forget we are just friends. I admit we do act like an old marry old couple and do I see him more than Scott. I don't know what to do. Before I knew it I was already in his car, how that happen? I don't know. At first it was quiet but josh broke the silence. 
"Jade sorry about before, it's just what you heard, you weren't suppose to hear its a personal thing, and I know I over reacted and I shouldn't have scream at you like that. I'm truly sorry Jade will you forgive me?" He apologized 

I thought about it for a second or two it wasn't my business eves dropping and he did apologize like more than once. 

"Yes, I forgive you but you still have to take me to the mall." I said 

"Ok, that's fine by me, as long as you won't be at mad at me." He responded 

"So, which mall Westfield or South Galleria bay mall ?" He asked 

"Hmm Westfield" I said 

"Ok let's go then, off to the mall!!" He said trying to make me laugh.

Well it worked I was laughing and then he started to laughed which caused me to laugh even more. Ya I love being goofballs with him. 

"Jade, we here!!!!" He said 

"Finally I can breather fresh air and not Josh's air it was so suffocating!!!" I said 

"You're mean jade" he said 

"Me mean, never !!!" I said 

" you're crazy jade." He said 

"I know I know buts that's why Danny and I are best friends" I replied 

" I still don't see it paramore and one direction. You guys are the complete opposite and still have fun and enjoy your crazy self. I don't see one direction opening up for Paramore any time soon!" Josh said 

"It's cause you got all wrong Paramore will being opening up for one direction" I replied 

"I think Danny will kill you if you said that to her " he said 

"Oh I have " I replied 

"What did she do?" Josh asked 

"She through me a book at my head!!!" I said while rubbing my head 

" are you F'n serious ?" He said trying not laugh 

"Yeah I am, that hurt " I answered

" Well you deserve it, I agree with Danny Paramore is way better than One direction " he said 

" Jerk!" I yelled 

"Me jerk never Jesy!! " Josh replied 

" Don't call me jesy !!" I said

" Why not jesy?! it's cute" he laughed 

" I'm gonna cut you " I said 

"Threatening me now are you " he replied. 

" Shut up !!! And take me shopping !!" I demanded 

" We are shopping, what store do to want to go to ?" he asked 

" H&M and then we can go eat "I said 

"Sounds good to me" he replied 

We went to H&M and I look around for clothes until I found the best looking cross shirt with cheetah print jeans with boots with spikes at the bottom it was incredible. We where waiting in the line to pay for the clothes that Joshy here is buying me. yeah I decided to call him Joshy every time he called me jesy! Then both our phones went off, when we looked at our phones we had a text message from Lizzy. 


"Save the date it sound like we are getting married!!" Josh said 

" I know right, I don't want to married to you josh!!" I said 

" Stop lying, you know you want to marry me, but let me do this right. will you jade marry me?" he said kneeling 

" You are so stupid you know that josh and no I'm to young to marry anyone " I replied 

" She said yes!!" he yelled standing up 

"Josh are freakin serious people are staring " I said 

" Yes I had to and let them stare!" he said 

" You cruel you know that!!! now take me to eat !! " I said 

"Ok ok lets go bride to be" he said

"I'm not your bride to be " I said 

" Yeah you are !!" he said 

" You crazy you know that" I said 

" Yeah but you love me like that" he said 

" When did you turn to a girl " I said 

" Oh that's mean jade !!" he said 

" Is Joshy hurt ?" I said in a whining voice 

" hahaha jesy now come .... is that Ernie " 

~ the whole fight scene happen from last chapter ~ 

"josh not to be nosy but why are you here with Jade" Alice asked 

I looked and josh and he looked back at me. " should we tell them" I whisper " tell them that we are engage" he whisper back with a smirk. " I wasn't going to say that but lets just go with it and see how it goes yeah?" I ask " yup I can't wait till see their reactions" josh replied 

We turn back to them and started to lie 

" Umm...we don't know tell you guys...umm" I pretend to stutter 

" spill it already" Alice said 

" we're engaged" josh said 

"What!!!" They all yelled in unison 

Josh and I burst into laughter and we couldn't stop you should have seen their faces it was hilarious. 

" What so funny? " Danny ask 

" That you actually thought we where engage!!!" I said 

"So you're not ?" Ernie ask 

" Nah, she's my partner for my cousins xv and I was mean to her, so to make it up to her I took her shopping and to eat !! " Josh said 

" I was about to go all mother mode on you on how getting married at early age isn't good" Alice said 

"Don't ever scare us like that " Izzy said 

"Fine fine don't be divas on me and come eat with me and josh" I said 

" Well we already ate but the guys haven't so yeah enjoy being with jade !! " Alice said 

" Lets go and eat !!!" Danny said 

"How do you eat a lot and stay skinny" I ask 
I don't know " Danny answer 

"Seriously Danny you just ate" Izzy said 

" Seriously how are you best friends?" josh ask 

" Story time !!! " Wesley said 

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