Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


15. Unexpected shopping

Danny's P.O.V.

Ernie and I just sat on the couch watching old cartoons we use to watch when we where little, we watch some Tom and Jerry and The Looney Tunes. It remeinded me when I was little making fun of my older brothers watching cartoons and now look at me I'm doing the same thing. I could hear them now 'Danny aren't you a little bit too old to be watching cartoons' haha it made me smile the thought of having my brothers with me, I miss them so much . 

" Lets do something fun" I say 

" laying with me here isn't fun?" he ask 

" haha c'mon its freaking hot outside lets have a water ballon fight " I say 

" Babe I only brought enough close to change for today"  he said 

" don't be a punk, I'll let you borrow some of my brothers clothes he left behind" I said 

" do you think his clothes will fit me ?" he asked

" I know you guys where practically the same size c'mon babe for me" I said and to make it more convinving I made the puppy eyes. 

" no " he said 

" pwetty pwetty pwease " I said 

" hmm " he said, I caught onto his little game 

so I went near his face and he lean in but before we kissed I got up of the couch and ran outside the house. I hid behind the tree we had in the front yard.He was taking his sweet time now I knew he was planning something. I wanted to know what he was up to, so I started to walk back inside my house when a car honk. I turn around to see the car of a woman wo calls her my second mom when in reality she ain't. I lost respect for her when she started talking down to me, like she knew everything about me. Her daughter even worse we use to be friends but to her our friendship was she was the the owner and I was the dog. I use to let her walk over me, but the day I stood up for myself things weren't the same no more, lets just say her mission in her world is to take me down. I start walking over to her like nothing wrong between us, but you can feel the tension. 

" Hi Lettie" I say with fake enthusiastic voice 

"Daniella " she said 

" what do you want" I said back in my normal voice 

" My mother said to give this money to your mom" she said 

" ok what--   AHHHHH, freaking Ernie !!" I yelled 

Ernie had thrown me a waterballoon, I turn around but he is not there then I see him jumping off the roof. oh he is going to get it when I get my hand on a waterballoon. I saw Lettie she was actually pleased that I got wet, but her smile went away when Ernie came over to me and hug me by the waist and kissed my cheek. 

" sorry babe" he said 

" gonna kick your ass later" I said 

" you're going out with her" Lettie ask 

" yeah I am she the cutest" he said 

"her cute hah are you blind" Lettie remark 

" No, but I can see you are" he said 

" ohhh hahaha" that all I can say 

I was smiling laughing my ass of on what just happen, but smile didn't last cause Lettie's Mom came out out of her white honda and was walking toward us. 

" Who's this ?" she asked

" My boyfriend" I said 

" why is here, with you, alone, in the house" she asked

" cause he slept over" I said 

" do your parents know" she asked

" yeah they are the ones that suggested he stay here" I lied 

" really, how was couch" she ask Ernie

" Actually I slept in her room" He said 

" on the floor " she asked 

" No, in bed with me, yes he slept like this shorts and shirtless, my parents trust me ok, they trust me being alone with my boyfriend in the same bed." I said pissed off

" what kind parent lets their kid sleep with their boyfriend in the same room" she said madly 

"A parent that trusts their child, ok" I said 

" yeah, we will see when you're pregnant" she said 

" hold up, ok you don't talk to her like that, if you are not her mother. I love Danny she the best and I won't try anything with her, I respect her too much to do something with her" he said 

I couldn't help but blush he stood up for me, he confronted the worst woman in my life my "Godmother"(she called her self that when in reallity she ain't). 

" Thats what they all say " she said before she went back to her car 

"Lettie!!!!" she yelled 

" bye hoe" Lettie 

"whatever see ya " I said 

when she left with her mom I couldn't help but smile cause she knew I had Ernie and we basically told them off. He pulled me into a hug and I burry my face into his shoulder, he kiss the top of my head. 

"it's ok babe" I said 

" no it isn't, she can't just say things like that, even if she grown woman" he said

" I know but I don't let it get to me" i say 

" ok babe but you're fine though, right" he asked

" yes, i'm good but I can't speak for you" I said 

" what do you mean" He asked 

" well lets see, I have a waterballoon in this hand and one Ernie in front of me, hmmm" I said 

" peace" he said 

He try to escape from me but he was to slow I caught him before he enter my house. He was shocked that I got him but he was happy. We got inside of the house and I told him that i was going to take a shower. 

When I got out the shower I change into my pink high waisted shirt with my crop top that said 'wild child' no to look for some shoes. while I was look for my black boots, when I found them I started dry my hair, because if I didn't it would never dry. I brush my hair and let my hair fall on my back, I was debating if I should curl it. At the end I did nothing to my hair, I'm not like my sister who loves curling her hair or straightening it. By that time Ernie was done showering, I'm waiting for him to get out of the bathroom now so I can tell him to go to the mall. I went to the living room and turn on the TV is started to watch reruns of 'Teen Wolf ' man do I love that show thats when I remember to text my friends to come along to the mall  

( I-Izzy, A-Alice, and D- Danny) Text messeges 

D- Izzy you wanna go to the mall!!! :) 

I- hell yeah I need to do some shopping but Wes with me

D- Bring him along Ernie is with me they can have some bro time hahah 

I- great :D I'm going to get ready, is Akice comming? 

D- gonna text her right now 

I- kay see ya later

D-Alice !!!!! you wanna go to the mall with me Izzy Ernie and Wes?

A- OMG yes I need to do some shop girl I need new cloths!!! Is it cool if I bring Jackson

D- yeah, dude don't need to ask bring him hahaha :P

A- aye only you Danny, I'll seee at the mall peace

D- Yup only me, bye Alice 

When I was done texting I didn't even know that Ernie had come out, he was sitting in the on the black rolling chair.He look cute as hell he was wearing grey shirt with jeans and a red beanie as always. He always like wearing beanies and snap backs, it was rare when he didn't.  I smiled at him

" what did you do danny?" He asked

" we are going to the mall and before you whine like a little baby Wes and Jackson are coming along with Izzy and Alice" I said 

" I wasn't going to whine like a baby" He said 

" Ernie you are not only my boyfriend but my best friend so I know how you are " I said 

" yeah I know but thats why I like you " He said 

I got to admit that made me blush and he saw to, I know he going to tease me about this later I just know it. 

" so are you ready to go?" he said 

" yup lets go to the mall" I said 

we got out of the house and we started to head out to the mall. I put on the radio and of course Ernie took control of the radio he put on 97.1 'Treasure' by Bruno Mars was on we obviously sang along to the song. It was just natural for us to sing along to songs on the radio, it was our thing and I like it. we come to a red light and I punch Ernie

" hey what was that for" He asked 

" punch buggy red" I said pointing to the red buggy 

" you are so childish " he said 

" but you love me for it and hey so are you " I said

" Ya I know I love you for it, and when have I been childish" he said 

" everytime you are around me" I said

" true hahaha but I love it" he said 

" I know you do" I reply

" Babe!!!! I'm hungry " he yelled

" I'm hungry to but you don't see me complianing" I said

" its cause you are trying to hide it" he said 

" hate you " I said joking around

" you love me " he said 

" Babe!!!" I yelled

" what ?" he asked 

" we here" I said

" c'mon babe lets fine the others" he said

we walk into the mall and we end up walking to the otherside to mall just to fiind Alice, Izzy,Jackson, and Wes. They were waiting for us by the mini waterfall inside the mall. When they seem me the girls got up and I run up to them and pulled them into a hug. I swear these to bring the girly side out of me but it was cool I love my friends. Then I see Ernie walking toward the guys and they do their 'Bro hug' thing I just smiled he needs guy time. 

" Babe I'm going to with this girlies and you can go with the guys" I said

" are you sure" he asked 

" yes, now go, take good care of him" I say 

" we make no promises" Wes said 

" Babe!!" Izzy yell 

" Fine, babe just for you" He said 

we went our seprate ways and now it was just me and the girls. We walk in to Arepostal first cause of the sales they where having. I end up buy two jean shorts and one purple one and two tanks. Izzy bought one floral print shorts and a peach tank. Alice well Alice she only bought sandals she said that she didn't want to go crazy with shopping yet. After store after store buying clothes we had ten bags in total each. The next store we went to was Forever 21 our favorite store. 

" ok we can go crazy now" Alice said

" its too late for that" Izzy replied

" but we can go more crazy" I said

" true" they both said in unison 

" ok grab everything you like and head to the fitting rooms" Alice 

" 1..2..3... go!!" Izzy said 

we all seprated within the store getting clothes we like so we can try them on. When we where done looking for the clothes we wanted to try on we made our way to the fitting rooms. The workers look at us with all the clothes we had and obviosly they made us leave most of the clothes with them. We try on clothes after clothes and modeling it to eachother, we where having a fashion show in the store it was funny cause of all the looks we got from the workers and custumers. At the end I end up buying four crop shirts two high waist shorts, one cross print legggings, two combat boots, and elphant necklace. I love birthday money hahaha. After we paid for our clothes we made our way to the food court, we where starving. we bought some 'Panda Express' and we went to sit down at a table and according to Izzy it had view a view of what. 

" Ok Izzy why did you want us to sit here?" I asked

" cuase they are cute white boys over there" she said 

" Izzy you have boyfriend" Alice said 

" I said they where cute, not drop dead sexy like Wes" She said 

" Izzy" I said 

" its true my boyfriend is hot, and its not like I'm going to go out with those guys they have nothing on Wes but they are cute. Admit you guys they are cute" Izzy said 

" ok we will give you that but stop staring at them its weird" I said 

" too late they saw me" Izzy said 

" well now it does give you a reason to stop staring at them" Alice said 

" fine" Izzy replied 

" hey someone text the guys that we  are at the food court. " I said 

" ok I wiil " Alice said 

" crap !!" Izzy said 

we look at the direction she's looking and there are the guys that she thought where cute coming our direction. What did Izzy get us into now. 

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