Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


23. truth part ii

Ernie's P.O.V.

"He broke up with you?" I asked 

" yup" is all Danny said 

" Then, how did you escaped?'' I asked 

" Thats the thing when he broke up with me, I was sad and happy at the same time, but we got back together a week later and things started to get worse. Remember the time I was distant between all of you guys ins school. ?" She asked 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flash Back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was walking around school thinking of Daniella, I haven't seen her the whole day, she didn't even text me to say she wasn't comming to school. What if she was kidnapped, don't be stupid Danny wouldn't get kiddnap she would beat the arse and then call the cops and be in school. Where the hell is she!! I feel like a stalker, I know I have a crush on her, so why am I worrying this much. I swear I sound like a girl who is very attach to her boyfriend, like when they say 
who's that girl he is with, why is he taking forever on texting me back, and etc. I headed to History and to my surprise Danny is in my class, but why is she here, not that I mind, but still. I was about to say Hey to her, but when she saw me she ran out of the classroom. I was going to get up from my seat and follow her, until Mr. Hernandez spoke and said: " Ernesto sit down before I end up kicking you out the class." with that I sit down and took out my phone and sent Danny a text. 

E- Hey, Danny whats wrong ? 

D- I need space just leave me alone 

E- is it something I did wrong ? 

D- No, just leave me alone kay 

E- not until you tell me whats wrong, I am your best friend you can tell me anything 

D- not this 

E- why not ?"

D- bye 

E- Danny 

no replie ..... 2 minute later 

E- Danny 

E- Daniella 

E- Daniella Ramirez answer your phone!!!! 

E- whats wrong 

E- I'm here to help you know 

E- please love tell me what's wrong

After repeatedly texting her and not getting response back I put my phone away. I wonder what got her so upset she's not like this not at all. She said it wasn't my fault but you never know it could have been my fault and she doesn't want me to feel bad. Did I say something to her that might have offend her. I don't think I did, and if I did I better apologize.

Danny's P.O.V. (during the Flash back ) 

A- babe, I was just mad c'mon you know I love you 

D- no you don't, you said it yourself 

A- I was mad and I took it on you I love you 

D- Than why did you let me walk away !!! 

A- cause I was afraid 

D- afraid of what ? 

A- the feelings I have for you, Danny I...I truly love you. Please stay with me, I can't live without you. You make me feel different. just stay with me. 

With that said to me well it was actually texted to me, I fell for his trap again. 

D- fine 

A- thanks babe I'll pick you up from school at our usual spot. 

D- ok I'll be waiting 

I was stupid for getting back with him, but at the time I thought I loved him. Like how I believed that he loved me too. I was young and foolish, but it's true I thought I was in love with my boyfriend. I was stupid I couldn't register that fact that he physically hurt me and raped me. 

You know when you watch movies or read about the women who stay in relationship with their spouse being abusive and they stay with them, because they love them and we think they are stupid. Well they are not ok we are but you don't know the feelings they feel. 

When they hit you and they say they sorry because of some excuse. your gonna believe them because you are in love with them. Love blinds you a lot no matter what they do, you are gonna think there was a true reason behind it and not some excuse. no matter how much you wanna hate them for everything they did you are going to find some treason to stay with them. 

You are not going to realize what he is actually doing till the actual day he goes too far for you and it hits you. That how it was with me and I have a feeling why didn't I realize it when he raped me. Well I can tell you I was stupid, I thought it was because he loved and he just got mad at me for not lettinghim in the first place. I was plain stupid just... I'm  a freaking idiot for believing his lies. 

anyway a few days later after that text, we where at an abandon park, just the two of us. What a stupid idea, like who th ehell will go to an abandon park. Well this very stupid girl did, because they wanted alone time. She thought it was better to go to the park than be at her house, she thought at least at the park he wouldn't try anything on her. Well I was way wrong, I regret that day is the worst. 

We where in the park, i was sitting beside him andhe had his arm around me, we where just looking  up in the sky in silence. In the moment I thought everything was perfect, it was quiet and we where together, it was peace and clam and I couldn't be any happier. He look down at me and gave me one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen.  He pulled me more to him to the point I was sitting on top of him now with arms around my waste. He lean down and started to kiss me and I kissed him back. An innocent kiss turn to an intense make out for more than half an hour, I now was on top of him on the floor of the park and his hands well they were roaming around my body. 

Then he tried it again, he put his hands under my shirt and started to feel on me, I started feeling uncomfortable, so i grabbed his hands and took them off me. 

" Really Babe, you're going to do this again?" Alex asked 

" I don't want to do it, not here in the open." I said hoping if I lied about not doing it here he wont try at all. 

" Babe no one is here, no one is going to see us " He said 

" Still I will feel uncomfortable, its a park for crying out loud" I said trying to sound convincing 

" Babe I promise no one is going to see, no one and I mean no one comes to this park." He said 

" And how do you know that ?" I said trying to change hte subject. 

" I have people " He said 

" People as in other girls " I started to accuse him 

" I never cheated on you before " He said 

" sure" I said, that earn me a slap across the face. 

" Don't you ever think that I am a man whore in this relationship, because we all know that in this relationship that you are the whore!!" He yelled 

" what are you talking about?" I said 

" Don't play with me you know what you do in your school, just because I don't go to your school doesn't mean I don't know what you do in school." He said 

" what do you mean?" I asked dumbfounded 

" I know how you are with all the other boys in the school, always flirting with them, hugging them, so I know you are hooking with one of them, if not all." he said 

" are you freaking insane !!" I yelled, SLAP, there goes another slap for yelling at him 

" Stop slapping me !!" I yelled earning another slap, but harder. 

" Then stop yelling at me accusing me that I am a cheater and a manwhore. " He said 

" Me stop yelling at you !! you are yelling at me and accusing me that I hooked with my guy friends that are only that friends!! I don't flirt with them I'm just nice to them and they are more like brothers to me, thats why they are always protective of me." I yelled back 

" yeah right, Danny do you think I am stupid huh, I know what you are doing, you are trying to make me seem like the bad person that cheats on you. When in reality it's you that is mean one, you are the one hooking up with your "guy friends" Alex said 

" I'm not hooking up with people, and I wasn't saying you where stupid, but now i change my mind cause if you don't remember I didn't want to have sex with you, what makes you think I want to have sex with other people huh!!" I said with some confidence that I didn't even knew that I had. 

and this time instead of slapping me across the face, he punch me yeah he punch me

" Shut up, you stupid b***h" He yelled 

" what the hell is wrong with you, I'm done with this, I'm done with you!!!" I yelled 

I was getting up when all of sudden he yanked me back down by pulling my hair. 

"Nothing is done till I say it's done, you hear that!!" he yelled

" I'm not staying with you Alex, I'm tire of all the slapping and pulling, I'm tired of you telling what to do with my life, I'm tired of the abuse that I get from you. " I said 

" Abuse, what abuse?!" he yelled acting dumb  

" What abuse!!, Hmmm let me think oh yeah, you are always slapping me, pulling my hair, gripping my hands to hard, oh and the big one YOU RAPED ME!!!!!" I yelled 

" I never did that to you !!" He said 

" stop acting stupid you know what you did!!" I yelled 

Then he punched me and pulled my hair and dragged me across the park till we got to a tree. I tried to push him off but i couldn't, he started to grope me and I couldn't get him off me. I started to yell and he back hand slap me and punch me making lip to bleed. He started to blow punches at my stomach and my face that I couldn't bare to stand up no more. When I fell to the ground he started to kick me until he thought I had enough. Then, he grabbed my neck and hold me up, slowly loosing oxgen as he choked me. 

I thought I was gonna die, I was waiting for me to start seeing the light and be done with the torture that he was giving me. At least he won't hurt me no more, I was giving in to him killing, I stop fighting for my life, I guess i didn't want it no more. It was hell, huh Jade, she will be scolding me right now thinking the best way to die was sucicide and she will be saying you going to hell if you do that. Was it even sucicide, he's killing me right. 

Than I guess you can say God saw that I was in trouble and said it wasn't my time to die just yet, that he send one to help me. 

" HEY!!! Get away From HER!!" someone yelled

Alex released me and started to run away and he mumble something as he left. I on the other hand was happy to breathe again, but I felt so dizzy I couldn't stand up, I was on the floor when I heard someone near me. 

" hang in there, I call the abulence" He said 

" No!!" Don't !! " I said 

" I have to you hurt " He said 

" please Don't, No one can know about this" I said 

" Why" He asked 

" Please" I begged 

" But I'm taking you to my sisters house so she can help you, she wont say a word I promise" He said 

"Thank you " 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flash Back Over ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" Was that the reason tha you didn't come to school for the next few days that week" Ernie asked 

" yeah " I replied 

" Do you parents know about Alex " He asked 

" No " I replied 

" You never told them did you" He asked 

" yeah, i never did, I never told anyone except you, so please don't tell anyone I can handle myself and I don't want you to get involve" I said 

" Danny, I'm already involve I won't saying anything, but I'm gonna help you and protect you ok" He said 

" Ok " I replied 

" Did you ever figure out what he said before he left?" Ernie asked 

" he said that he should have killed me the first time I had the chance, HE is going to be mad."

" Do you know what he meant by that ?" Ernie asked 

" No I don't " I replied 

" But I do " Wesley said


ok so now im all catch up and I'm apologizing again for not updating in a year when I said that was going to update more, but yea in like in my first website i really did forget about this website, but im coming back now. hahaha so its been  long time so let me catch you up well I'm a senior I'm 18 finally wohoo haha umm i'm in the soccer team #11 tear tear i use to be #19 but the uniform size was x large and I'm not an extra large I'm a small or medium it depend on the shirt. Anyway yeah I also been applying to colleges and all that, plus I now take care of my niece and nephews so more work on me haha . But one semester down another one to go !!! im gonna graduate in june I'm scared for the future guys i'm really scared. So yeah what have you guys been up to, what did you guys get for christmas, did you guys like your presents. I'm being so random right now but if you haven't notice in this book well I love Paramore, Hayley being my role model and me loving taylor york<3333 and how Jeremy is awesome !!! haha well in october 19 I went to see them play at the honda center and guess what I got front row !!! it was amazing ahhh !!! I just love seeing them perform !! they are the best. 


ok so that my message to you guys and I hope you guys don't hate me but I will understand if you guys did anyway what do you guys think of the book, what should happen next? give me idea hahahaha ok yeah i think i might be a weirdo ok then leave comments on what you think and yeah like it if you want ok bye people of this earth hahaha 

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