Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


20. Truth or Dare

Danny's P.O.V. 

Everyone was inside already and we all say in the living room in a circle like in the 70's show except we weren't that close to each other and we weren't high. I think my parents will kill us if we got high. So now what do we do I thought to myself. I really should be saying this out Lou-

" Ernie why are you clothes in the bathroom ? " jack asked 

" Oh he slept over my house " I said 

"What!!!" they all said in unison minus Ernie 

" You guys make sound like a bad thing " Ernie said 

" Did you guys get drunk an didn't invite me, that's not fair !! " Josh said 

"We did not get drunk and I invited him to stay over !!" I said 

" And your parents where cool with that ?" ask Alex 

" Yeah they where, they trust him " I said knowing that they never let Alex stay over when we where dating that got him piss though 

" Yup, her bed is comfy !" Ernie said like a little kid everyone turn to him and gave him like what faces 

" What we didn't do anything wrong !! we watch a movie and fell asleep !! and than I made her make me breakfast!! he said 

" Correction you made me breakfast and than we had a water balloon fight which I won by the way !!!" I said loudly 

" You made me breakfast the rest is true but I let you win " he said

"Shut it you know I won fair and square!!" I yelled 

"Aww you guys are so cute together !!! " Jade, Izzy, Alice said 

" At least it wasn't another porno " Maria said 

" Oh my gosh !! Mari we didn't do anything why you have a dirty mind !!! " I yelled 

" I blame Andres !! " She said 

"Wait so you guys are dating ?? " Alex said 

" Yup!! I'm dating this cute dork !! right here" I say hugging Ernie 

" Callin me cute doesn't mean you off the hook for calling me dork " Ernie replied 

"Are you sure ? " I said while giving him a peck on the lips !! 

" Fine " he said in defeat and I just smiled 

" Already 3 days and you are whipped !!" Wes said 

" Shut up Wesley cause you whipped too !!! " Jack said 

" Admit it all you guys are whipped except me hahaha I need a girlfriend you guys I'm all alone !!! " Josh said 

"Ok moving on from josh lack of girlfriends lets play a game !!! " Maria said 

" Yeah lets play a game ." Alex said pissed off 

" Truth or dare !!!! " izzy shouted

" are we nine or something ?" Wesley asked 

" Yes, yes we are!!" Izzy 

" Babe! do we have too!!" Wes whined

" yes!! now stop acting like a baby and lets play!!" Izzy said 

" Have I ever told you guys I love your relationship." I said 

" really? whys that ? " Izzy asked 

" Cuase you guys are so cute always agrueing and its so adorable." I said 

" are you sure you are not talking about Mari and Tony's relationship ?" Jade said 

" hell no!! they are violent!! " I said 

" He starts it!!!" Mari yells 

" really, Mari, the cupcake ?" i said 

" ok I mighted started that one, but he totally asked for it!! " she said defending herself 

" really?" Jade asked

" yup he said I had bad hair " she said laughing 

" who am i kidding!! But you got to admit it was funny!!" Mari said 

" yeah it was especially when it got over all your hair" I said 

" that was just a dick move " Izzy said 

" babe!! language " Wes said 

" shut it!! you curse too" she replied 

we all burst into laughter, we all new that was true, what was Wes trying to do, he cant fool us we all know him to much. 

" ok so back to the game that we havent started !!" josh said 

" ok ok umm who should start.?" Izzy said 

" hmmm Josh Truth or Dare ?" I asked

" ok, i guess im going first umm Dare!!" 

" hmmm go outside and yell you gotta take a shit !!" I said 

" what !! here i thought that innocent Danny was, but no she had to be Ernies girl!!" Josh said 

everyone is laughing and I look at Alex and he looks hurt, but why ? i hate how bipolar he is, but then i question josh.

" what is that suppose to mean?" i asked

" you just like him!!" josh said 

" how ?" i asked

" yeah how" Ernie said 

" idk, I just wanna say you're Ernies' girl gosh leave me alone" Josh said 

" Josh!!! stop being a drama queen and go do the dare!!" Jade yelled

" fine" he said 

And with that he got up from where he was sitting made his way to my kitchen door that led to outside and it was quiet to quiet and then we heard 

" I GOTTA TAKE A SHIT!!!" Josh yelled

we all burst into laughter, to be honest i didnt think that he would do that, i thought he was going to chicken out, but he prove me wrong. We where all still laughing when he came back in with a smile. which weirdly made me laugh more than before. 

" ok Danny stop laughing, you're gonna die !!!" 

" you're so mean josh" I said 

" yeah yeah you know you love me" Josh said 

" no she love's me " Ernie said 

" aww Ernie, are you jealous ?" Alice said

When she said that Ernie automatically blushed, aww he was blushing he's so adorable!! I thought to myself. I gave him a hug and squeeze him tight as I could.

" aww he was jealous, don't worry Ernie we can tell Danny loves you." Wes said

I blushed at how easily you can tell that I love my best friend, my boyfriend!! 

" Don't blush Babe I love you too." he said with that said I gave him a peck on the lips. 

" ok now that we got the lovey dovey out of the way lets go back to the game" Josh said 

I swear Im going to dump a bucket fill with freezing cold water 

" Izzy your turn. truth or dare " Josh asked 

" truth, I am not doing any dare if its comming out of your mind" Izzy replied, we laughed cause we all knew how josh mind work. 

" fine, um What's the best body part you like about Wes?" Josh asked 

" and here I thought you where going to ask an innocent question, well I was wrong" Izzy said 

" Hey, you are the one thinking wrong it could be his eyes, you know " Josh replied 

" shut up !! and it isnt obvious its his big cheesy smile he has " Izzy said making Wes smile into his 'big cheesey smile' of his 

" Is weird that I thought you where going to say his abbs?" Alice and I say at the same time, we look at eachother and laugh, knowing how Izzy is. 

" Don't get me wrong I love his abbs a lot but thats the third thing i love about him. " she said 

" third?'' wes asked 

" yes, third you see I love you personality and how you are around me, than theres your cheesey smile that makes my heart melt everytime I see it, and third those muscles because I'm a girl whole love guys in shape aka you" she said 

we where all in aww on what Izzy said beacuse this girl was boy crazy but when it comes to Wes you can see that she loves him and cares for him a lot. it so cute, Wes kiss Izzy and pulls her closer to him, I can see them getting married in the future. But, you know every cute moment that is occuring with the prescence of Josh will come to an end. 

" I seriuosly need a girlfriend you guys I feel left out !! " Josh yelled out to us 

" You can man up and ask Jade out ?" Wes said 

" what!!" both Josh and Jade yelled

" one day Y'all admitt it to eachother, that you have love eachother since the beginning of time of your excistence. " I said 

" anyway ernie Truth or Dare ?" Izzy asked 

" dare" ernie answered 

" ok, lets see what can you do, I got it slow dance with Josh for a super cheesy song" Izzy said 

" you are seriosly wanna hurt me dont you " Josh said to Izzy 

" maybe" She replied 

" but why bring me into this Izzy, why ?" Ernie asked, aww he's so cute.

"Cause you're right there and you guys are best friends, you know best bros " Izzy said 

"Ok what song ?" Ernie said 

"Hmm Barbie girl !!!" Jade said 

"Really Jade you going team up with them you suppose to team up with me and have my back." josh said 

"Josh when have I ever had your back ?" Jade said 

"Fine, get up Ernie lets dance!! music maestro !! " Josh said 

"Dumb ass and here !!" Jade said and the music started playing. 

As the music started to play Ernie and josh where trying to be far from each other they didn't want to be close together. Making their slow dance even more funny. All of us where taking pictures and videos of them and it made us laugh to much. when the song was over we continue to laugh, ok mostly me and I got glares from josh telling me to shut up. 

"Ok I choose Mari truth or dare ?" Ernie said 

"Truth" Mari said quickly 

" Ok um, what's the stupidest thing you and tony have ever fought about?" Ernie asked 

"Umm I think it was about ... oh yeah we fought cause I took his backpack and I refuse to give it back to him till he gave me back my phone. " she said 

"Jade truth or dare ? " Mari asked 

"Dare !!! " She yelled laughing 

"Ok.. hmm .. I dare you to kiss Josh on the lips and not a peck like a kiss kiss " Maria said with a smirk on her face 

Jade was such in shock she couldn't speak, but hey what do you expect it's Mari that we are talking about here. even though she was in shock josh got up to where Jade was and started to lean toward her and bam he is kissing her it was to long that Jade realized what was going on and she began kissing him. 

" Hey that's cheating josh I said Jade kiss you not you kiss her !!" Mari yelled we laughed 

"Ok .. umm ... Danny truth or dare ? " Jade try to say 

"Dare !! I yelled 

"Ok, you and Alex trade clothes " she said 

Great I will be wearing a jerk clothes ugh why, I wanna give her a what the hell face but she didn't know about me and Alex. but I did feel Ernie tense up a little he knew about him and I guess he's more aware of Alex know. 

"Ok let's go Alex I'll change in the bathroom and you outside my door!" I said 

He followed me to my room well to the hallway of my room. 

"Give me your shirt first" I said 

"Can we talk ?" he asked me handing me his shirt 

" We are talking !" I said 

"I'm serious." he said 

"What about ? and give me your pants ? " I replied 

"Us " he said giving me his pants and I doing the same 

"There's no us Alex " I whisper yell 

" Come Danny you know you still love me " he said 

"No I don't " I replied 

"Yes, you do, I know you do, every time I'm near you, you want me hugging you, you want me to kiss you, to love you how I always did" he said getting closer to me and I didn't like it 

" Get away from me I don't like " I said 

"You lying !" Alex whisper tell to me 

"No I'm not I hate !!" I said 

" You love me I know it, you just going out with Ernie to make jealous and get back with you faster " he said 

" That's a lie I love Ernie not you " I said 

"Lies!! why are you with him huh?!" he yelled at me 

" Why do you care ?!!!!" I yelled at him louder 

" CUASE I STILL LOVE YOU !!!!" he yelled at me so everyone can hear 

"What ?" I said dumbfound. 

" I F*n Love you !!!" Alex yelled 


I'll contuinue to update when I come from picking up my mom from work 

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