Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


25. trusted you

Wes Story: 

i was born one year before you Danny, we just gotten along very well since the beginning. My mother she was the best, always taking care of me, when I was little. I remember her being tired coming back from work, but still have time to play with me. She was just an amazing mother, when I was younger. I remember her taking us to the park, the food she will make the best meals. She always put us first before anything even dad. She was a complete goofball, and that was one of the reasons why I loved her. She reminds me of you, someone who is not afraid to do what she wants, and she will die for anyone that she loves. I wish she was still here, but I know she's in a better place now looking down here at us.

"She sounds lovely, but why did you say us? " Danny asked 

I said us becuase I have sister, and she is the most amazing person in the world. She's younger than me by one year like you. Our mom loved her so much, I know I was young, but the way she was with her you knew she loved her. I even loved her that much and I was just a child, I still love my sister. She is one of the most generous, kindest, honest, funniest, loyal, caring person I have ever met. I will die for her if I have too, no one is going to hurt my little sister, she was a gift from God. Since the day she was born, I knew she was something special. Everyone could tell she was going to do something great for her life and our lives. I just wished mom was here to see her do the great things in life she has done. She raised her niece well her cousin all by her self when she was just 15. She wasn't one of those teens that got pregant at 16 or 15, but she didn't have to have a kid at that age to know its hard work. I give props to those who had a kid at early age, the way she struggle with her niece and trying to do school and everything. But, she did it and with a smile, she loved her as she was her child even if she wasn't. It wasnt even her responsibility, but she did it and I couldn't be prouder of her. 

" Wesley, I didn't even know you had a sister, why didn't you tell?" She asked 

Because I couldn't tell you I had a sister

" Why, if you couldn't tell me before why are you telling me now?" She asked 

She's in trouble, you see our dad he was a great man, he did love us until that day happen.

" what happen ?" She asked 

It was one day, that my mother and sister went to have a girl day and my dad and I had time to rest from all their girliness. They went to this spa that my dad got some discount off for doing his job that we never knew what it was. They called us when they got there my mom sounded so happy, my sis was happy that she was going to spa. She said that she was going to be treated like a queen. She always did hate Princesses, she rather be the one in charge hahaha, but hey if she was going to get pampered might as well be the queen. I had the day to myself, my dad was in the living room and I was in the bedroom playing videogames. It was around 8 at night and they still haven't come back, I thought that might of went out and dinner. I heard something break in the kitchen, I run downstairs to see what it was. I found my dad standing there in shocked and I didn't know what it was. He saw and told me to get into the car, I don't if I knew what was happening, but something told me not to ask questions. Something was wrong and I knew it, I just hope it was nothing that bad , i but I ddn't know what was happening and what to expect. 

It was 15 minutes of us in car driving to the hospital, and to say that was driving like a wild man would me an understatement. He was the wild man driving in the streets, we rush into the emergency room and Dad starting yelling our mothers name

" Carla, where's Carla!!!! Carla !!!" our dad shouted 

" sir, calm down Sir !!!" A nurse said to my dad 

"Where is she ?!?!?!?" He kept shouting 

" Where's Ara?" I ask

" Where are they!!" Dad said 

" where's my sister!!" I yelled 

I know I was six years old but I loved my sister!! She my world to protect. I needed to know she was safe. Not knowing whats going on over there, was killing me. I wanted to know if she was ok, her and my mom. 

" Mr. Johnson, your wife is in surgey and your daughter...I don't know how to tell you this ..." A doctor said before I interrupted him. 

" She can't be dead, she can't be !!" I yelled 

" Son, she's not dead,but she is in coma and doesn't look like she's coming out of it anytime soon."  The doctor said 

" What does Coma mean?" I asked 

" It when you sleep for a long time" Dad answered 

* Dr. Micheals we need you Now!!!* over the speaker

the doctor started to run, My dad Followed him and the next thing we saw was something I didn't waant to see. It was my mom she came out of surgey, but she was moving crazy, like a fish out of water. They were trying to restrain her, but they couldn't, she was uncontrolable, it scared me. That I didn't even notice other nurses and doctors holding back my dad, he wanted to be next to my mom, but they wouldn't let him. Then, everything went silent went we heard nothing, she wasn't moving, she was breathing, she had no heart beat. She was gone, and part of my dad died right there and then. He fell to the ground and started to cry, I was in shock that I couldn't move, I was frozen, I just lost my mother.  

" Mathew!! Mathew !! MATHEW!! " My Aunt yelled 

" She's gone, She's gone" My dad kept repeating 

" What do you mean ?" She asked 

" She's dead!! Tanya Dead, gone, never coming back!!" He yelled I flinched 

" WHAT!! and Ara ?" She said said crying 

" She's sleeping for a long time" I said 

" What sweetie" my uncle asked me 

" Ara is in a coma" my dad said " Carla is ddead and she's in a coma" 

" How did this happen?" my uncle asked 

" I don't know, I 'm waiting for the doctor to come back." My dad responded 

"I'll go call the doctor" my uncle said 

My aunt came and hug me, she was crying she just lost her little sister and her niece is in a coma. 

" um you guys the doctor is here" My uncle said 

" What happen to them?" My aunt asked 

" They were in a car accident, a bad one, the car fliped over multiple time, your Wife she took of her seatbelt off to protect your daughter. If she didn't your daughter would have died as well. " He said 

" She died, because of Ara !!! " My dad yelled

" don't go blaming your daughter" My aunt said 

" She killed your sister!!" My dad yelled 

" She did not kill my sister, your wife!! Carla did it to protect her!!" She argue him 

" Carla could have been alove right now " He said 

" Are you hearing yourself right now, Ara is your daughter!!" She replied 

" Not anymore!!! she killed her mother !!" My dad said 

" No she didn't, get out here !! don't come back until you ready to apologize to your family!!" My aunt yelled 

I couldn't believe what my dad said that day, how can he blame her for it. It was an accident, mom was just protecting her as she said she would. Months passed and they weren't good months at all, my dad started to drink and drink everyday. He started hitting me and my aunt started to see the damage. She kept calling the police but dad will say it was because I was in kick boxing. They knew but didn't have proof to pin him to it. But, there was day that he took it too far; I was in the hospital visiting Ara she was still in a coma. We didn't want to pull the plug, beacuse we had hope that she will come out of it soon. I had to go to the restroom I was a 6 year old who needs to go, so I went. But, when I came back scared the hell out of me, my dad had a pillow over my sister face. He was trying to kill her, I screamed that scared everyone in that floor. The doctors came in time to help he get breathing again, they arrested my dad for attempt of murder. When foster care came, they only could take me, cause she was in a coma. I told them that they had to have a family for me to stay here. I wasn't going to leave her behind, my aunty made her self of the legal guardian of my sister. She was too late for me, but its ok I know she tried. The next killed me, she woked up, but she didn't who I was. 


Present time 

" She didn't remember you?" Danny asked 

" no, I walked in that day she was my aunty who she thought was her mom and her dad. And when she saw me she asked who I was." I said 

" what did you tell her?" she said 

" I told her, I came to hospital to visit people, to try make them feel better. She bought it and we became best friends from there." I said 

" Wes, what are you trying to tell me, it can't be." She said 

" Yes, it is" I said 

" I have pictures with my mom at birth" She said 

" I now cause thats our mom" I said 

" You said she went with her aunt, I live with my mom and have no aunt that lives in LA" she responded 

'' thats because they look alike " I said 

" What do you mean ?" she asked 

" they're twins, Identical twins!! you are my little sister your real name is Arabelle Johnson!! you where in a coma for six months and lost your memory. I thought when you hit your head last time I thought you gonner. And when they said you where ok, I hoped that you got your memory back , but you didn't." I said 

" that can't be true!!" She said 

" It is!! you got to belive" I said 

" belive you, believe you !! If i'm your sister then why didn't you tell me!! i told you everything !! everything!! i trusted you Wes!! I trusted you!! And you broke that trust!!" she said 

" I had to do it, don't you think I wanted to tell you!!" I yelled 

" Then why Didn't you !!" She asked 

" Beause if dad tried to kill you once, don't you think he will come back and try to kill you again."i said 

there was silience

" thats why I told aunty to change your name and mine to keep us safe from him!! thats why we moved from northern california to southern california !!! to protect you!! " I said 

" And Alex" she asked knowing I was telling the truth 

" I know, he figured it out, but I promise I'm going to keep you safe. I'm not going to let our dad hurt you I promise." I said hugging her. She cried in my arms as I did to. I hold her letting her know I'm not letting anyone hurt, never again. 


Hey everyone !!! I finally updated huh!! sorry for that I've been working in my senior thesis and my hours. The fact that I also go to church and have a lot of homework !! yeah but hey almost done with school. I'm going to CSUN, already filled out my dorm application and signing up for scholarships and stuff!! so yeah ahahaha. Ok anyways I hope you liked this chapter, leave comments on what you think about it and if have any ideas I can put into this book!! So have a good day and all love you peace <3 Jenny!!! 

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