Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


1. the beginning

Daniella P.O.V. 

" I love you " is the last thing i told Alexander.

We have been dating for a year now and it was two week away for our 1 year and 1 month aniversity. 

" I don't care no more your better off without me " he said 

" what have i ever done to you ?" i say tearing up

  " I don't want you to get in trouble with you god mother" he replied 

" she's not my mother she can't tell me who or who not to date" i say 

" you don't get do you, I never loved you " he said

  " thats not true, your lying " i say

  " I'm not why don't you just leave already, you deserve better " he says

  " I don't want another guy i want you " i scream 

" just leave already" he yelled

  I was tired of all his bullshit, ya i loved him but I'm tired of the way he treats me. i have felt this over the whole year. he will do something wrong but i will be the apologizing. according to him he never did anything wrong. all the fights where because of me and thats why i have to apologize to him.   

" so are you going to leave " he said

  " ya, I am just remember this day if you ever want to get back together its never going to happen again. i'm sick and tired of your bullshit! " i scream

  i left him in the corner of the street, as i cross the street i look over to him and see if he will be the one to apologize and say this was a huge mistake and that he loved me. But no he just stand there and watch me walk away from him. and thats when my heart broke, i have just lost the guy that i loved. 

~  2 months later ~

   " hey Danny " Ernesto said 

" hey Ernie " i say

  " Daniella watch it, with the Ernie" he said

  " no no you called me Daniella, i like Danny better so your ernie " i say 

" so thats revenge Danny" he said

  " yup hahahaha " i luaghed 

" so, i see you later?" he asked me 

" ya, you will" i say

after the huge break up with alexander i just walked away and walk till i ran into this church and there is where i met Ernesto. He told me to come inside the church and i loved it. since that day ernesto and i have become best friends. i always came to him when i needed a friend. it was funny that same week when we bump into each other in school. we just laughed at each other. 

" Danny!!!" Jade yelled

" yes ? " i said  

" so hows things with Ernesto?" she asked

" nothing much" i say 

" uhuh sure bob, you been liking him for like a month now. " she says

" shut up, you know i'm forever stuck in the friend zone, you know he likes Trina" i say

" are you sure, it doesn't seem that way, just look at the way he looks at you and talks to you" she said. 

" Jade change the subject" i say 

"it's your birthday in like three days your almost 17 can you believe it. man dude your old." she said

" shut up kitty" i say

" meow" she said

 we just laughed together. but i was true i did like ernesto and i am almost 17. Ernesto made me feel like i was the only the one in the world. we where exactly the same the same except that he was more of a basketball player and i was a soccer player. 

the day went by slow though i just want to go to bible study so ernesto and i can i hang out more. i was really crushing him, was it wrong well i didn't think so.  finally the bell rang to go home, i was so happy that i didn't have soccer practice today. i walked home with Maria and and Andres they where freakin hilarious. when i got home i change out of my uniform and but on my light skinny jeans and my Batman shirt. i waited till the youth leader picked me up. when he did i went to Trinas house where bible study was held. and there he was Alexander, playing around with Ernesto like they knew each other for years. i was in shocked and when Alexander saw me he just froze.   

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