Destine to be

When Daniella and her boyfriend have a huge break up she walks around the streets. where she run into this guy at a church, who changes her life forever. she starts liking this guy. and when the guy finally asks her out. trouble starts stirring up when her new boyfriend is friends with her ex boy friend. who wants her back.


21. Stay away from her

Ernie's P.O.V. 

I was in the living room while Alex and Danny went to go switch outfits, but something doesnt feel right, I don't know a lot about Danny and Alex together but she seem hurt everytime she tried talking about him. I'm still curious, because of the way he acted when we got here to her house, I don't think he knew we where going out until he asked us. Yet, he is still one of my closets friends that i trust, but the way he looked at her was with so much hate, and I dont even know what actually happen between them. Danny never spoke of it and she hasnt told anyone other wise i think there would be somekind of tension between all of them not just Danny and Alex. WHAT the hell is taking them so long!! It doesn't take that much to switch clothes!! Ughh!!! why am I actng this way I shouldn't be worry I trust Danny and Alex right? I should go check on them, I got up and started to walk toward the hallway when I heard their conversation. 

" Yes you do, I know you do, everytime I'm near you, you want me hugging you, you want me to kiss you, to love you how I always did." Alex said to Danny 

what hell is he talking about they have been alone since right now, I hope. 

"Get away from me I don't like- " Danny tried to say before she got inturpted by Alex 

" You're lying !!!" he yelled quietly 

" No I'm not I hate yo-" she tried to talk again 

You love me I know it, you are just going out with Ernie to make me jealous to get back with you faster " he said gripping his hands on her arms 

why the hell am I not moving I should be seperating them and punching Alex for putting his hands on her. WHY on earth can't I move !!!!! I hate it this feeling, shocked !!!  but I still continue to listen to them. 

" Thats a lie, I love Ernie not you" She said trying to get away from him 

" Lies!!! why are you with him, huh?" He started yelled louder 

" why do you care !!" Danny yelled back 

" CAUSE I STILL LOVE YOU !!!" Alex yelled 

" what ?" Danny said more quietly 

" I f*n love you!!" Alex said 

" whats wrong with you, have you gone men-" she was cut of by Alex 

Alex kissed her and she didnt want that kiss but she kissed him backed!! Anger ran through my veins I guess he was right. Thats what I thought when I saw her knees adjust between his legs and knee him where the sun don't shine. I knew she was strong, but she wasn't stronger than Alex. Even though he went down to the ground he grabbed her and pulled her with him. 

"Let her go Alex" i said holding in my anger 

" Er-" Danny try to call for me but i cutt her off 

" no Danny, Alex Let Her Go.!.!.! " I said louder 

" No, Danny is just playing you, I've been trying to-" Alex began to speak but I cut him off 

" Shut up Alex I saw everything" I said 

" everything " Danny said 

" Yes" I replied " Now ALex are you going to let her" I said 

" No, what you think you own her know" He replied 

" Have you gone mental, you are the one that has her against her own will" I said 

" Ernie I suggest you leave" Alex threaten me 

" No, Let go of Danny. Now! " I shouted 

"Alex don't Piss off Ernie, you don't know what he's capable of" Wes said calm 

" All of you shut up !! I need to speak with Danny and we got to figure things out" Alex yelled 

" What things ?" Wes asked 

" You guys Don't know, I see you kept your word" Alex said 

" Alex please let me go of me, you're hurting me" she said 

" than tell them to back off first" He said 

" you guys Please, leave my house !! " she said than she turn to me and look with pleading eyes, holding back tears " Please Ernie, leave Please " she said as one tear drop from her face. That did for me, 

I grab Alex from the neck push him against the other side of the wall and punch him in the face. He fell to ground I wanted to beat the hell out him, but Danny I needed to be with danny right now. Wes gave me this look to go to her and Wes got Alex from me and took him outside the others followed him. I walked up to where Danny was and pulled her to me. She struggle she was pussing my hands away from her. 

" Don't touch me !!" she yelled 

" Its ok Danny, Its me Ernie" I said 

" I know who you are, and again I repeat don't touch me" She said 

" Why, not I'm trying to make sure you are ok." I said 

" Yeah sure, who just lets someone gets harrased by an abusive ex boyfriend and not do anything, I htough you where different but I guess I was wrong. " she said 

" what do you mean" I asked 

" you watched him grabbed me and put me against the wall, I know I can protect myself but not toward him, you saw how defensless I was and didn't do anything." she said 

" I was in shocked, I didn't exactly know what when on between you guys and he was saying that you still loved him and that everytime he got near him you where basically at his hands, what am I suppose to think, that your girlfriend was near him when we where together alone. " I said 

" so you don't trust me and yes I was alone hime once before we where together, when we best friends and all I did was get away from him, I dont like the fact that he was in my house I hate the fact that he goes to church with us now, I hate the fact that he is your friend!!" she yelled 

"why does it matter that he was my friend " I asked 

" Cause you probably know everyting he did to me!! you where always his best friend he always talked about you, I just never knew who you where, till now" She said 

" so you are blaming this on me know " I said with anger 

" I don't know !!! " She yelled 

" what do you mean you don't know !!!" I yelled back 

" how come you didnt help me when you saw me struggling, where you in it too, did you asked me out for him to get back at me for leaving him, are playing me just like he did !!!" she yelled 

" what do you mean, and for crying out loud I said I was in shocked, how else was I suppose react seeing you too kiss!!!" I yelled 

" He kissed me !!!" She replied 

" You still kissed him back !!!" i yelled 

" to get him off me, thats what  I did last time to escape from him." She said more clam

" what do you mean Danny I want to know the truth !!" I said 

" promise me you won't go kill him though " She asked 

" what did he do ?!?!?!" I demended 

" A lot of shit " is all she said 

Wesley's P.O.V.

I grabbed Alex from the neck and through him outside the house. 

" Alex!!! get the hell away fro this house and her and don't you dare come near Danny ever again !!!" I yelled 

" I wouldn't do that if I was you Wesley, or should I tell everyone who you really are " Alex threaten 

" Babe what is he talking about" Izzy asked 

" nothing he's joking around" I said 

" Are you sure about that, and you Josh you should know better than being a traitor" He said 

" Shut the hell up Alex, you gone mental" Josh said 

" Oh Josh silly silly Josh, I don't think both of you guys should be speaking to me like that, when I hold both of your secrets!" Alex said with a smirk on his face 

" Alex go to hell, I don't know who you think you are threatening us, knowing somekind of information, but you can shove it back your asshole " I said 

" oh, you know who I'm talkimg about, he wants her back, I'm just doing the heavying lifting, and trust me when I say, He will get Her back . " Alex said before walking away from the house " goodbye Axel, for now " Alex said 

How the hell does he know my actual name, but what he is saying is true than I have to help Arabel, she's in danger and Josh knew it, at least I know he is in our side. But how the hell did He survive I thought he died. Thats what they told me, I need to tell Arabel now the truth on who she really is, that life of Daniella Ramirez was just to protect her. Only her and Ernie woud know though( Josh already knows) no one can find about this, for there own safety. 

" Alex!! STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!" I yelled

he just laughed and kept walking like a maniac, I swear he has somekind of mental problem. I have to go talk to Danny now to tell her she is my sister. 


Ok so yeah I'm back sorry again for not updating In a long time so I hope updating this chapters will make up for the time that i have lost hahaha. so yeah I think a few more chapters to go before its catch up to where I'm actually at I hope you like or love the book.  

so comment something you like and give me ideas cause I get writes block sometimes that im drawn to watching movies to inspire me writing and when I watch movies it turns out to be a movie marathon so yeah leave ideas 

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